How Channel Letters Make a Business Stand Out

Channel Letter Signs

Your storefront sign deserves careful consideration. Is it working for you? A strong sign will improve the perception of your business, drive traffic, and thereby boost sales. If you haven’t updated your sign in a while, it may be time to invest in channel letter signs. There’s a reason these signs are among the most popular products offered by sign companies in Charlotte, NC.

Huge Visibility

The first and biggest benefit that channel letter signs offer is their size. The massive letters are highly visible from far away, whether someone is walking or driving by. This helps your brand get noticed and gives people more time to read the sign.

Plus, as only the letters are lit on these kinds of signs, they can be more cost-effective than other fascia signs that need material and lights between the letters. As a result, channel letter signs deliver considerable value.


Your company is unique, and the more you convey that to customers, the more impressed and loyal they will be to the brand. Channel letters strongly support branding efforts because they’re completely customizable. Your unique font, color, and logo can all be created perfectly in channel letters. The brand impression you’ve worked so hard to cultivate can be reflected in your fascia sign.

Attractions in their Own Right

One unique feature of channel letter signs is that they can be an attraction. Have you seen the city channel letter signs in major cities (like New York and Chicago?) These attract tourists and create opportunities for people to pose for pictures and share the city’s brand on social media.

Smaller businesses and non-tourist organizations have started to tap into the power of channel letters, generating interest from Instagrammers and the public at large. Just consider the image at the top of this post. It’s a channel letter sign a wedding venue has invested in to make their business more photogenic.

Types of Channel Letters

There are several types of channel letter signs. Which one will help you get the look your brand needs?

  • Front-lit channel letter signs.
  • Reverse-lit channel letter signs (also called back-lit, halo-lit).
  • Open-face channel letters.
  • Specialty channel letters.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Electronic Message Boards for Outdoor Advertising

Electronic Signs

Why should you invest in an electronic message board – especially outside your office? As a Charlotte sign company, we’re very familiar with how electronic signs help boost businesses. Offices, retailers, and other businesses benefit in at least five ways from incorporating digital signage into their outdoor marketing efforts. Let’s explain these key benefits.

1. Dynamic

When you have a digital sign you’re not constrained by the limitations of paper, metal, or other static sign materials. Digital signs can move and change. You can show a smiling customer using your product, or any kind of video you can imagine.

Unlike other kinds of banners and signs, digital signage can be changed quickly and as frequently as you like without incurring additional cost. Have a different advertisement at different seasons, for different events, or even at different times of the day.

2. Long-Term Reduced Costs

Any kind of electronic sign is an investment up-front. However, over the long term, it can save you money. This is due to its flexibility. A digital sign doesn’t need to be replaced for years and years. While you might produce hundreds of outdoor signs a year, you only need one electronic message board. Over the long term, you’ll save on printing costs.

3. Eye-Catching and Beautiful

Digital signage is still new for customers and tends to catch their eye much faster than a typical vinyl sign. Plus, digital signs are lit and can include many unique shades of color, shapes, and images. Simply put, these signs are beautiful and attract customers. The obvious quality and investment these signs represent reflects well on your business.

4. Social Media Connection

One great opportunity digital sign present is the ability to engage your customers. These signs are a great place to promote your social media accounts and encourage those who are too busy to stop in right now to stay in touch with your brand.

5. Increase Sales

In the end, a sign needs to increase your sales. Thanks to their many advantages, digital message centers are particularly well-suited to boost your sales and increase your revenue.

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