Want Visitors to Navigate Through Your Facility with Ease?

Custom Directory Signs

To you, your facility, business or workplace is simple to navigate. You’re there day in and day out, so you know where everything is. But visitors may have a much more challenging time navigating without a building directory sign. Their frustration or delay in finding what they are looking for can impact your bottom line. So, it may be time to consider what kind of user experience your building and it’s interior signs offer.

Sure, we’re all used to thinking about user experience in terms of our company website. The same principles can apply to your building. Besides, how your customers interact with your facility does help them form an impression of your business. Does your company feel friendly, clear and open? Or does it feel closed off and confusing?

Building Directory Sign

One kind of business signage that can change your building user experience is a building directory sign. Large, clear custom directory signs in your lobby help visitors orient themselves immediately and know which direction they should be heading in.

When are Building Directory Signs Useful?

Custom directory signs benefit your business in multiple situations, at many kinds of facilities and offices. Here are just a few examples:

  • Guide customers: The most obvious way building directory signs are useful is when new customers walk through the door. Many people want to find the office, person, or unit they are looking for without asking for the receptionist’s help.
  • Boost tours: Do you hold tours at your facility for other people in your company or for members of the public? Building directories can help tour participants navigate. Signs can even give a sneak peak of what people will see on the tour—which can help generate interest for the tour.
  • Self-guided visitors: Facilities that are never open to the public typically still have visitors, including safety and health inspectors. Make it easier for them to find what they are looking for and they’ll have a more positive experience with your company.
  • Advertise services or businesses: If you own a commercial building, a custom directory sign can help each of your tenants advertise themselves to the building’s visitors. If your company owns the whole building, you can use the directory signs to advertise other services you offer.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics

Work with QC Signs & Graphics At QC Signs & Graphics we know what goes into a good custom directory sign. We can create an ADA compliant sign for you that expresses your brand principles and is clear and welcoming to your customers, guests, and staff members. Contact us today to get started and receive a free estimate.

Impress Your Customers with Eye-Catching Lobby Signs

custom lobby signs

If you could choose only one word to describe how your customers should feel when they walk in your door what would it be? Many business owners say “impressed.” To make the perfect first impression on your customer, you need to go above and beyond the ‘default’ entrance of your building. The visual impact you create must connect with your branding. A branded custom lobby sign is the perfect way to achieve this.

Of course, you might choose a word other than “impressed.” Maybe your customers need to be relaxed, welcomed, invigorated, or inspired when they walk through your door. Whatever impression you need to make, lobby signs are the most important tool you must use. Let us explain why.

A Lobby is More Than a Simple Entrance

Why invest in your lobby? It’s easy to see how you might think investing in another interior sign, such as a quality sign for a conference room, might make a bigger impact because it’s a more important room. When it comes to generating a positive brand image, the lobby is, typically, the most important place for a few reasons:

• A lobby is your first impression: New customers will build an impression of your business quickly. The longer you wait to impress them, the less powerful it will be. By focusing on the lobby, you make sure a customer starts off thinking of your brand in a positive light.
• Everyone sees your lobby: Everyone must pass through your lobby space every time they walk in to interact with your business. If your lobby sign makes a strong brand impression, you’re strengthening your customer’s association with your brand each time they step through the door. Whereas, if you focused on branding some internal space, your customer may never even see it. Remember, repetition is powerful.
• People may spend the most time in your lobby: For many businesses, the lobby is where customers wait. Sometimes, as in a doctor’s office, they may spend more time in the lobby than they do anywhere else in the building. In that case, it makes sense to invest the most in the lobby’s look and feel.
• People may pay in your lobby: In other businesses, like hair salons and vet’s offices, customers pay in the lobby. At that moment, customers are wondering whether their time with your business was worth the price. When they are in a pleasant environment and reminded of brand values, it will reinforce a feeling of money well spent.

Lobby Signs from QC Signs & Graphics

At QC Signs & Graphics we will work with you to create custom lobby signs that best reflects your brand and creates the impression you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.

All About ADA Sign Compliance

Custom ADA Directional Signs Charlotte NC

When new businesses are investing in their first signs, they often forget about ADA compliant signs. In 1990, the federal government passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) introducing new regulations to aid accessibility for those with disabilities. Included in the Act are many regulations about signs, and not just that they should include Braille lettering. 

Today, businesses incorporate ADA signage to ensure all their clients and customers are comfortable on their premises and do not feel left out.

If you’re not sure exactly what is required of you in terms of ADA compliant signs, this short explanation can help clear up your obligations and where you can turn to get some answers.

ADA Compliant Charlotte NC

What Makes an ADA Compliant Sign?

ADA signs are not just about Braille, although they all must have Braille (a system of touch reading). These signs are also designed to be accessible for those with limited mobility, color blindness, and other disabilities. All ADA signs must be mounted at a certain height, within reach of those in wheelchairs. They also must be designed with clearly contrasting colors and non-reflective surfaces, so that they are as clear as possible for those with visual impairments. ADA signs must also alert people of accessibility options, such as bathrooms which fit wheelchairs. 

Which Signs Must be ADA Compliant?

Not all your signs need to be compliant with the ADA. Here are some which must:

  • ADA directional signs
  • ADA signs to identify rooms with permanent use
  • ADA kitchen, elevator, and dining room signs
  • ADA bathrooms signs
  • ADA signs next to doors in stairwells

You can add new signs to fulfill these needs. However, as you’ll have a mix of ADA signs and other signs, you’ll need a designer who can keep your office or facility feeling cohesive. Otherwise, mis-matched signs will make your business look unorganized and may even confuse your visitors. The talented designers at QC Signs & Graphics can help you integrate new and old signs.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for ADA Directional Signs

There’s much more to learn about ADA compliant signs, but you don’t have to know the specifics. At QC Signs & Graphics, we understand ADA rules for signs inside and out. Our team can design custom signs that fit your needs and fulfill your legal obligations. We produce everything from ADA directional signs to ADA bathroom signs. We can also tell you if your current signage meets ADA rules.  Contact us today to get started and receive a free quote.

Want Your Brand to Shine in the Dark? Get Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs in Charlotte NC

Everyone wants their branding and their exterior business signage to stand out. However, not everyone considers how their sign will look in the dark. It is essential that you do this, especially if your business is open late at night. Drawing in customers is much easier when you have a stronger storefront presence.

What if you’re not open at night? Custom LED signs can still benefit your business with strong advertising, and by making your brand impression more powerful. According to a study from the University of Cincinnati, 60% of businesses find that making their sign more visible or changing its design had a direct positive impact on sales and profit. In fact, the average boost was 10%.

Let’s discuss if you can benefit from a better outdoor LED sign.

A Custom LED Sign can Help Draw in Business

If you’re still open as the sun is about to set, can potential customers still find your location? For businesses that rely on nighttime traffic, instead of just being ‘Open’, an outdoor LED sign is essential equipment. It will proclaim loudly, ‘we are still open for business.’ This is especially important when you first open your location and are trying to establish a presence.

Businesses that rely on outdoor LED signs include:

Even if your business is not open at night, lighted signs still help advertise your brand. Ask yourself, when you’re driving at night, do you see anything other than the lights. It’s much more challenging to see an unlighted business sign at night, even when you know it’s there. So, to keep your business competitive, you need a sign that can work for you 24 hours a day. It’s already on your building, so why not make the most of it?

Would A Lighted Sign Help Your Brand Image?

Beyond driving traffic and advertising your business, custom LED signs are the right choice for some businesses that choose to be associated with light. Utility companies are a prime example. A bright fascia sign reminds customers of the company’s role in keeping their lights on.

Other types of companies can benefit from an association with light. Innovative tech companies, creative agencies, and even stores that sell lights can make more powerful brand impressions with lighted signs.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Outdoor LED Signs Just having a lighted sign isn’t enough. Work with QC Signs & Graphics to get a custom sign that truly stands out from the crowd. Reach out to us today.