Why Sidewalk Business Signs Are Effective Marketing Tools

sidewalk business signs

As you’re walking the streets of Charlotte, you might come across sidewalk signs. Whether they are A-frame signs, post and panel signs, or other types of business sidewalk signs, they are very effective at grabbing your attention. You noticed them and that’s what the business owner wants. If you have a storefront, especially a restaurant, it is worth investing in your own sidewalk signs to reach your foot traffic goals. Here are several ways these signs can benefit you:

1. Sidewalk Signs Solve Restaurant Problems

As a restaurant, you have two connected problems. Eventually, people stop experimenting and trying to find a new restaurant. Secondly, they don’t enter a restaurant unless they are sure they will buy food there. Many potential customers never even see your appetizing menu because they never step in to consider it.

That’s where a restaurant sidewalk sign can help you. It allows your potential customers to discover your menu without stepping inside. If someone finds a favorite meal, they are much more likely to give your restaurant a shot. This means that if you offer different menus at different times of day, you will need multiple sidewalk business signs.

2. Sidewalk Signs Are Fun to Look At

Many restaurants and other business take full advantage of the sign by adding personality and flair to it. It’s not unusual for a sidewalk sandwich board sign to feature puns about the daily special or cartoon characters munching on the business’s best sellers.

As sidewalk signs have a reputation for being fun, people often stop to look at them just to see what is going on. This is a huge boost to the effectiveness of the sign and why even businesses outside of the food service industry can benefit from them too.

3. Sidewalk Signs Provide Long-Term Value

Proper restaurant sidewalk signs are made of weather-resistant materials, so that you can leave them out in bad weather. Plus, they are often adjustable, so you don’t need to buy a new sign when you change your menu. As a result, sidewalk sandwich board signs last a long time, so you get more value for the money you spend on them.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Sidewalk Business Signs

QC Signs & Graphics offers many sidewalk signs in Charlotte, including sidewalk sandwich board signs and more general restaurant sidewalk signs. Choose us and we’ll help you craft the perfect, appetizing sign to help get people in your door.

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Wraps in Healthy Condition

Many of our customers ask what their full car wrap cost will be. They ask us to estimate the life of vehicle wraps and the cost of maintaining it so that they can calculate the total return on investment for it. We can give you an estimate, and you’ll be relieved to hear that keeping a full vehicle wrap in good condition isn’t costly at all. With a little bit of care, your car wrap will last many years. Here are a few maintenance tips:

1. Hand Wash with Care

It is best to hand wash any vehicle with a wrap, whether full or partial. Start with a bucket of warm water and put in some soap. Don’t use soap directly on the wrap, instead develop its suds in the bucket. Use a very soft sponge or scrubber and don’t apply more force than necessary when using it. Then rinse the full car vinyl wrap with water from your hose, not a pressure washer.

2. Use the Right Soap

Buy vehicle soaps that are specifically designed to be used with vinyl car wraps. Buying the right soap may add a bit to your full car wrap cost, but it’s worth it. You’ll get the best cleanout of these soaps, while others might struggle to remove caked-on mud from the vinyl. If your car wrap is going to represent your brand, it should look its best. Besides, the right soap will work faster and won’t leave behind a residue that slowly degrades the wrap.

3. Don’t Use These Tools on Your Full Vehicle Wrap

While vinyl car wraps stand up to rain, wind, and sunshine well, they don’t do as well with these tools:

  • Electric buff: Some vehicle wraps can be waxed to give them a shine. However, you should not use an electric buff to apply the wax. These generate too much friction and heat and can harm the wrap.
  • Pressure washer: Pressure washers of even moderate strength can rip the vinyl off your car. Besides, a pressure washer will not give you a better clean than hand-washing your vehicle wrap.
  • Ice scraper: If you get a bit of frost on your car, don’t pull out your ice scraper. You can easily leave scratches in the vinyl. 
  • Hard brushes: When you’re cleaning the full vehicle wrap do not use hard or stiff-bristle brushes as they can also make scratches in the vinyl.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Car Wrap

Get your next full car vinyl wrap from QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte, NC. We can show you the best way to keep your vehicle wrap in healthy conditions, protect your investment, and minimize the cost of maintaining the full car wrap minimal. Contact us today.

Outdoor Banners: How They Provide A Return On Investment

Outdoor Banner Sign

As a business owner or marketing professional, you need to make sure that you use your marketing dollars wisely. You only have so much, and you need to achieve results with that money.  Banner signs are one of the best sign types for maximizing your return on investment, especially if your budget is relatively limited. If a monument sign for your business is too expensive, an outdoor banner sign will do instead.

Before you jump right to search for “vinyl banner printing near me,” read on about how you can use banner signs to make the most of your advertising budget.

Size of Outdoor Banner Signs

One of the primary advantages of outdoor banner signs is that they can be quite large. Most businesses take advantage of this by placing one simple, clear message on the banner. Then they place the banner above eye-level, usually on their storefront, so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

The result is more impressions and buzz than a smaller sign could ever get. Even people driving by should be able to see your banner. Plus, with large font and a short message, they should have time to comprehend the whole message before they drive past it.

Low-Cost Signs

Even though outdoor banners are made of weather-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl, they are still very low cost. They don’t need the metal or wood support that other signs need. Plus, they are easily imbued with vibrant color, even though they are thin. As a result, ordering a banner or two won’t eat up much of your budget. Find “vinyl banner printing near me” and you can save even more. 


As you’re driving around Charlotte today, keep your eye out for outdoor banners. You’ll notice that businesses use them for many purposes. They announce sales, grand openings, seasonal events, and other business events. You may see banner signs that are invitations to come shop, for no special reason at all. Whatever kind of promotion, event, or sales goal you need to meet, a banner is flexible enough to support your efforts. Even customizable outdoor monument signs for businesses make for versatile outdoor signage.

Talk to QC Signs & Graphics About How You Can Best Use an Outdoor Banner

Are you looking for “vinyl banner printing near me?” Then talk to us at QC Signs & Graphics. We offer a wide variety of signs to the businesses in Charlotte, including everything from outdoor banner signs to monument signs for businesses. Reach out to us today.

Does Your Business Need a Monument Sign?

Monument Signs at QC Signs Charlotte, North Carolina

Before you start looking for “monument signs near me,” it’s wise to take a moment and consider if your business needs this type of sign. Knowing how a monument sign will benefit your business will help you create a better sign because you know what the sign has to accomplish.

What’s the Purpose of a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are highly flexible and can provide much utility for businesses. Which of these benefits are you looking for?

  • Bring in traffic: Monument signs make any business more enticing and easier to find. Because they are near the road, they help businesses that are far from the main road develop a brand presence.
  • Build authority: Have you noticed that successful, serious businesses have monument signs? Your customers have too.
  • Send a message: Monument signs don’t just promote your brand. Detailed messages can be put on digital signs or on monument signs. Churches and schools invest in monument signs for this reason.
  • Beauty: Monument signs have permanent, solid mounts that can be made of beautiful landscaping materials, including natural stone and smooth brick. They will fit in with the overall landscaping and architecture of the building.

Who Might Choose Monument Signs for Business?

  • Business Parks: Any business that has rented out space or has bought a unit within a multi-business complex will need a sign that distinguishes them from the next. Monuments signs can help customers identify them separately within the park.
  • Government buildings: Any government or organization that is dedicated to informing and engaging the public can use a monument sign to send longer, more complex messages.
  • Arenas and sports complexes: Businesses that want to generate excitement and advertise event details can use commercial monument signs, especially digital monument signs, effectively.
  • Condominiums: Any business that needs to be more desirable and classier should choose a monument sign to elevate its curb appeal and promote foot traffic.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics for Monument Signs for Your Business

If you’re looking for “monument signs near me,” reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte, NC. We’ll help you make the right statement with a monument sign that achieves your business goals.