Truck Wraps: Moving Billboards that Catch Attention

Commercial truck wrapsIn Charlotte, NC

Billboards are smart advertising. They allow you to have bold designs, and when positioned nearby traffic, they can get you a ton of impressions, especially because people tend to be bored when they are driving or when they’re a passenger. Billboards are limited because they are stuck in one place.

That’s why commercial truck wraps are a more versatile and powerful form of advertising. They have all the benefits of billboards, but you can bring them everywhere. With a truck vinyl wrap, you can advertise anywhere in Charlotte, or anywhere else you drive.

As truck vinyl wraps move, designing them is a little different than designing a billboard. You can use movement to your advantage when you design your vehicle wrap. Here are a few design tricks to get you started.

Arrows and Other Movement

Including a graphic that hints at movement is a fun way to play with the vehicle wrap medium. If your brand happens to have an animal for a mascot or a logo, include it running on the wrap. A running rabbit, cheetah, or even a turtle is a playful way to catch attention.

Don’t have an animal logo? That’s fine, you can include an arrow instead. Or, suggest movement in a more abstract way, such as making the front half of your sign one color and the back half another. That way when the sign moves past someone, they see two flashes of colors, which gets their attention.

Talk to a sign expert to find more ways to use the movement of your commercial truck wrap to your advantage.

Simple Backgrounds & Text

In some ways, the fact that a commercial vehicle wrap moves also limits the design. As it is moving, you can’t make it too complex, because people don’t have time to read a lot or to absorb a lot of visual detail. So, you should avoid cluttering your design with too many textures, too intricate images, or too many elements. Whatever images and textures you do choose, you should make large, so that they are easy to see. The same goes for text. Use only clear, large text.

Get Your Next Truck Wrap from QC Signs & Graphics

QC Signs & Graphics has experience making eye-catching truck vinyl wraps that are playful, professional, or both. Our one-of-a-kind designs will wow your customers in Charlotte. Talk to us to get started.

How to Design the Perfect ADA Compliant Directional Sign

ADA directional sign-Charlotte, NC

Directional signs or wayfinding signs help customers, guests, and even staff members find their way around your business or property. In Charlotte, and the rest of the United States, directional signs must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or you risk fines and penalties. This legislation includes rules about how large, clear, and high signs can be.

It may seem like creating an ADA directional sign impedes your creativity, but there are ways to design all kinds of ADA building signs that express your brand and follow the rules. Here are some ways to infuse your compliant signs with personal flair.

Look at All Your Text Options

Yes, ADA wayfinding signs must use a sans-serif font. This makes the sign easier to read for those who have some level of visual impairment. Sans-serif fonts may feel a little blander than the flavorful serif fonts, but there are still lots of exciting options that can express your brand.

For example, if your brand needs to appear authoritative and trustworthy, Rockley is a great sans-serif option. Brands that appeal to children or parents of children might choose Vag Rounded, a playful but clear font. Or, if you need to feel modern and innovative, try Berton.

Consider Your Coloring

ADA directional signs need to be high contrast. 70% contrast is recommended. However, many people assume that black and white are the only high contrast options. You can et high contrast from many other combinations of colors. It all depends on the two specific hues you’re matching. You can design a high contrast sign with just two different blues or only two different browns.

Explore Other Shapes

There is no limitation for shape for ADA wayfinding signs. That means you can get a little creative with your sign shape to reflect your brand. This option is best for brands that have a strong association with a specific shape, especially if it features in their logo. So, a brand with an octagonal logo can benefit by using octagonal ADA wayfinding signs to reinforce their brand throughout the property.

Work With QC Signs & Graphics on ADA Building Signage

Whether you need new wayfinding signage, or you need a whole set of ADA building signs, QC Signs & Graphics can help. We will show you all of your options to make your signage as eye-catching as possible, while still being fully compliant with the law. Contact us today to get started.

Give Your Business Extensive Exposure with Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs

You’ve seen these signs throughout Charlotte, on every major business storefront, and sometimes even inside a property. Channel letter signs have become ubiquitous, and quickly because they work. These signs are very eye-catching because they have maximum contrast between your brand name and the background. There’s no need to light the background with these signs, so only the letters stand out. It helps that this design makes the signs more energy-efficient, too (especially considering they are LEDs).

Here’s what you need to know about channel letter signs to get the most exposure for your business.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Which type of channel letter sign will give your business the most exposure? Explore the types below:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs: This is the most common kind of channel letter sign in Charlotte. They are plastic and metal letters that illuminate from the inside, so they shine out the front. We place colorful acrylic sheets on the front, so the sign shines in any color you like.
  • Reverse channel letters: Instead of being lit from the inside, reverse channel letters are lit from the back. The letters are dark, and the background is bright, making the silhouette of the letters very dramatic, especially at night. These signs are also called “halo” signs because of the special light effect they make.
  • Combination channel letters: This is a more complex sign, but it can do wonders for the right brand. It combines the lighting effect of both front-lit and halo channel letters.

Is a Channel Letter Sign Right for My Brand?

Ultimately, you’ll want to talk to a sign expert about whether a channel letter sign is your best option. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand if they are a good option for you:

  • Do I need a lit sign of my brand name or message?
  • Does my brand have distinct font and color?
  • Do I need a fascia-mounted sign or another large sign?
  • Do I like the effect of LED lights?

Partner with QC Signs & Graphics For Your Biggest Signs

Channel letter signs are powerful investments that help your brand get exposure at any time of the day or night. As they are large, permanent signs, you want to know that your sign company will get it right the first time. That’s why you should work with QC Signs & Graphics, the best sign company in Charlotte, NC. Reach out today.

Building Directory Signs: Point Towards Better Customer Experience

office directory signs

How do office directory signs connect to customer experience? Imagine you’re in a building with multiple other businesses. You face a special customer experience challenge. Your customers are looking for you, but they need to navigate your building and pass other brands on their way. How do you avoid losing them?

Well, large businesses may have the same kind of problem on a smaller scale. When it’s just one business in the building, but that business is huge, with many points of contact for customers and guests throughout, people tend to get lost. In both circumstances, the solution is a building directory sign or a lobby directory sign. Here’s why we recommend these signs to our customers in Charlotte, NC.

How Building Directory Signs Change Customer Experience

Customers need a simple, straightforward experience that makes them feel positive towards your brand. Getting lost or being unsure if they have found your business is a big roadblock. Here’s how building directory signs change that:

  • Wayfinding: This one is obvious, but wayfinding signs help your customer find you. It’s more than that, though. When they find wayfinding signs, customers don’t get frustrated and know that you see your business from their perspective. That helps them connect with you.
  • Relieve social pressure: In some businesses, asking for directions would apply a lot of social pressure or emotional discomfort to your customer. Maybe your customer doesn’t want people to know they are seeking a divorce lawyer, a specialist doctor, or a therapist. By having clear signs, you make it easier for your customers to reach out to you when they are uncomfortable.
  • Show other options: Building directory signs also have the advantage of giving your customers a glimpse at the other things you have to offer. When used wisely, an office directory sign can promote your other services. It can also make customers realize how convenient your business is, Afterall, look at all of the other people they could connect with if they need to.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics

At QC Signs & Graphics, we know how to make high-quality signs that benefit customer experience and create a positive feedback loop for your business. When your customers have a smooth, branded experience, you and your staff are best positioned to help them and sell them on your products or services. Talk to us to discover your lobby directory sign options in Charlotte, NC.