Window Graphics: Send the Right Message Out and See Your Business Grow

window graphic design

Window graphic design is limited only by your imagination. You can print any kind of text, image, or shape in these vinyl sheets, in any color. While that’s true, businesses use window graphics for three main purposes: wayfinding, brand development, and privacy/exclusivity. These three uses for window graphics can all support your business growth goals. Here’s how.

My Business is Here

Many brands choose to place window graphics on their doors or windows, to help people navigate to their office, or to help people notice their storefront. Buildings a stronger brand presence will help you get more traffic, growing your business.

Similarly, you might also use your window sign for informational purposes, such as telling your customers when you’re opening or alerting them to any important policies. Plus, window graphics are relatively inexpensive and easy to reuse, so you can cycle through several graphics. Signs that change catch attention more than almost anything else. 

You Want to Interact with this Brand

Window graphic design can also entice and excite your potential customers as they walk by. The most creative, bold designs help you tell your brand story in a way that is appealing to your target audience. Take a walk around Charlotte and look for vinyl window graphics that inspire you or that would appeal to your target audience. What do they have in common? Likely, it’s clear, bright design. They may even have an emotional component. Good window graphic design helps you connect with people and therefore grow your business.

This is an Exclusive, Private Space

Window films can also help you grow your business by cultivating your potential customer’s trust and attracting their curiosity. Window films are thin sheets of vinyl used to add privacy to a space. You might place them on your office doors to give customers more privacy when they are talking to you. Or, you might cover your front windows with it, creating an environment of exclusivity. Vinyl window graphics therefore help you build a high-end brand identity which can help your business grow.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics on Your Window Graphic Design

Are you ready to partner with a sign company to grow our business? Reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics. We offer businesses in Charlotte quality window graphics that support their business growth goals.

How Creative Car Wraps Can Bring More Attention to Your Business

Charlotte car wraps

Have you seen some of our fantastic car wraps driving around in Charlotte? Then you already know that a well-designed vehicle wrap can bring your business more attention. In fact, full car wraps make hundreds or thousands of impressions per day (it depends on where you’re driving) for a very low cost. So long as you have a creative, eye-catching design, a car wrap is a huge asset to your business. Here is how they get your brand more attention.

1. People Like Local

These days, people are inundated with advertising from brands that could be across the country or the globe. Increasingly, consumers want to support local brands. They may even investigate where a brand is from before making a purchase. A full car vinyl wrap communicates to onlookers that you’re a local business, with a real presence in the community. Afterall, that’s why you’re driving around. Those who want to shop local don’t need to guess that you’re the community option.

2. Loud Branding Works

Wraps, especially full car wraps that cover the whole vehicle, have a reputation for being loud and bold. As long as the design isn’t cluttered, these bold designs are a good thing that can bring a ton of attention to the wrap’s message. Intense colors, big images, and other bold design elements will help you brand stand out.

Sophisticated brands can also achieve a subtle full car vinyl wrap that is still successful. Although, you may consider a partial vehicle wrap as a good middle-ground.

3. Car Wraps Work Even in Parking Lots

Some businesses are reluctant to invest in full car wraps because the owners, staff, or whoever is driving the car only drives between work and your brick-and-mortar location. However, these full car wraps get a lot more traction than you might imagine. First, you’re typically driving during rush hour, which is when vehicle wraps make the biggest impact. You’ll still get plenty of impressions. Second, vehicle wraps still work when they are parked outside of your location. Wraps reinforce your other signage, making an even stronger impression where it counts—at the entrance to your storefront or office.

Choose Us For Your Best Car Wrap Design

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Brighten Up Your Interiors With Beautifully Crafted LED Signs

Custom LED signs

You might be most familiar with LED sign as exterior sign options. Afterall, you’ll find an LED fascia sign on virtually every business in Charlotte. But, those highly successful LED signs can do wonders when placed inside of storefronts, offices, and other spaces. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about interior custom LED signs.

LEDs are Great Lobby Signs

A custom LED sign is an excellent choice for a lobby sign. While not all lobby signs light up, those that do catch more attention and create a more powerful brand presence. The type of lighting you choose can enhance your brand image. For example, halo lit signs create soft brand images. Front-lit LED signs are best for bolder, more dramatic brands. As they are LEDs, these signs are very cheap to run, so you can leave your lobby sign on all day.

LEDs can Help Create Landmarks

These days, brands can catch a lot of attention if they create opportunities for people to take photos and share them on social media platforms. Many brands, cities and landmarks use interior LED signs to creates these opportunities. Pair a custom LED sign with a display and encourage people to take their picture in front of it, and in all likelihood, they will share these images on social media and promote your brand.

LED Neon Signs

Would you like an interior LED sign, but feel like the crisp, modern light isn’t right for your brand? That’s not a problem, as LED signs can be made to mimic neon signs. You get that classic look, and the energy-efficiency of LEDs. This option is perfect for brands that are vintage, classic, or like to emphasize their long history. An interior LED neon sign can help you build the vintage atmosphere that your customer enjoys.

Explore All That LED Signs Have to Offer with QC Signs & Graphics

There are many more ways to use custom LED signs to beautify your interior space and promote your brand. Whether you’re an office, retail location, amusement park, or landmark, we can help you design a custom LED sign that matches your property and enhances it, along with your brand. Almost every business in Charlotte can benefit from these signs. Reach out to us today to talk about interior LED signs for your brand.

5 Tips to Design the Perfect Lobby Signs for Your Business

Custom Lobby Signs

Designing a new lobby sign is very exciting, but there are common pitfalls you need to avoid. Your sign needs to fit your space and express your brand perfectly. There shouldn’t be any ugly cords hanging out, and the design should feel consistent with the rest of your lobby décor. We suggest you follow these steps when you’re planning your custom lobby sign.

1. Consider Which Elements You Should Include

Your custom lobby sign should include your brand name, of course. But that’s just one of a handful of elements you might consider. The others are:

  • Your logo
  • Your moto
  • Your mascot

Adding all of these elements would most likely make the sign too busy and obfuscate its message. So, you should select the two that are most essential to your brand. Or, you may prefer to keep your sign simple, with only the brand name.

2. Take a Look at Your Lobby

Before you think about your office lobby sign design, you need to choose a spot in the lobby for the sign. Think about where the sign would look best and if it could be facing an outdoor window or door for all of Charlotte to see (which helps it achieve maximum impact). Take careful measurements, or make sure that your sign professionals do, or your final sign may not fit.

3. Investigate Your Material Options

The price, look, and durability of the sign will all change based on your choice of material. You should talk with your sign company to discover what materials are available for your custom lobby sign.

4. Understand How Your Sign Will Light Up

There are also a few different options when it comes to sign lighting. Your sign can be lit from the front, back, or both. Your whole sign can be lit with LEDs, to save money on its operation. Or you can light up only certain elements. We can help you explore unique lighting options that can help your sign catch as much attention as possible.

5. Get Expert Advice on Your Design

Your office lobby sign will define the space, and your brand, for years to come. The more expert advice you can get about it, the better. So, reach out to QC Signs today to talk to our designers. We offer excellent lobby sign design and manufacturing services in Charlotte.