Why Fleet Vehicle Wraps Are the Right Choice for Your Business

Fleet Vehicle Wraps Charlotte

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, all are struggling with the same problem: how can they take their business to more people? With the competition growing each day and the market getting saturated, businesses try out various methods of advertising to catch the attention of their target audience. This is where fleet vehicle wraps come in. They are one of the most effective and economical forms of outdoor advertising and have helped a lot of businesses in Charlotte to amplify brand awareness and generate quality leads.

Why Fleet Wrap Graphics Are So Effective

Vehicle wraps have rightfully gained popularity. Businesses of all types are investing in them to gain recognition and expanding to new territories.  Here are a few reasons why:

They can’t be turned off – your potential customers can skip through ads on videos, turn off or change the channel on the radio, or TV. But when they come across your wrapped vehicle, they can’t turn it off or ignore it. But at the same time, because it’s just part of your vehicle’s look, it doesn’t feel intrusive.

Always working for you – traditional advertisements remain active until you pay for them. But fleet wraps never stop generating impressions for your business until you replace or remove them. Even when your vehicle is parked your message remains visible.

Your business looks successful – A professionally wrapped vehicle adds to the credibility of a business. No matter how big or small the business is, vehicle wraps make them look established.

Fleet Vehicle Wrap Solutions at QC Signs & Graphics

At QC Signs & Graphics, we offer a variety of choices for custom fleet wraps and graphics that fits your requirements and make your business stand out from the competition. When it comes to custom fleet wraps, we can transform every commercial vehicle as per your brand’s theme to ensure they send the right message out. Here are our solutions:

Fleet vehicle graphics – When you are just looking to communicate a small message like a slogan or contact details. Mostly used by established brands.

Partial vehicle wraps – Only a part of your vehicle gets wrapped. You can include your brand’s logo, contact details, or a small message.

Full vehicle wraps – Ensure maximum brand visibility as the complete vehicle is wrapped with vinyl graphics. You can choose to include multiple messages, information about top products and services or more.

Partner with QC Signs & Graphics for the Best Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Charlotte

Looking to try custom fleet wraps for your business? QC Signs & Graphics is one of the leading vehicle wrap providers in Charlotte. With our experience and expertise, we can provide you a wrap that is unique and help your brand gain recognition. Give us a call to get a complimentary signage consultation.

Sidewalk Business Signs: Place Your Message at A Customer’s Line of Sight

Sometimes, in a business’s effort to make signs that will appeal to people in cars or far away, they neglect the customers right in front of them. Big fascia signs, banners hung high, and many other typical signs can’t be seen by people who are walking directly in front of your storefront. Plus, those are the people who are most likely to visit your store. So, how do you get their attention? Sidewalk business signs. Here’s what you need to know about this unique and often underused sign type.

What are Sidewalk Signs?

Sidewalk signs are comparatively small signs that you place on or near the sidewalk in front of your business. They face customers as they walk past your storefront, so if you’re looking directly head at your store, you’ll see their side profile.

You can use a few different sign types as sidewalk signs, but the most popular are A-frame sidewalk signs or sandwich board signs. These signs support themselves on any flat surface, so you don’t need to attach them to anything or plant them in the ground. This is convenient for sidewalk signs because you may have nothing to attach the sign to, and they are typically on a hard surface that you can’t drive a stake into. You can also easily store them and take them down when you need to.

Who Can Benefit from Sidewalk Business Signs?

Essentially anyone with a storefront can make great use of sidewalk business signs. So long as you have people walking by you, these signs can help encourage them to pop-in. That said, there are a few circumstances and businesses that make the best use of A-frame sidewalk signs. That includes:

  • Restaurants: They’re not called sandwich boards for nothing. Sidewalk signs helps you showcase your menu so that you can appetize people and get them to come in.
  • Busy plazas: If you’re in a busy plaza, people are walking by all the time. Drive some of that traffic your way with a sign on the sidewalk.
  • Downtown locations: Downtown areas attract tourists and locals, both of whom will walk by on their way to other stores. Sidewalk signs will let them know that your business is an option too.

Design Considerations for Sidewalk Signs

What kind of design will best appeal to your customers? That’s the design that you should put on your sidewalk sign. Don’t be afraid to be playful with the sign. Sidewalk signs are meant to attract attention to people right up close, so putting jokes and interesting characters can work for them, even though those options may not work for larger signs.

Ready to Get More Foot Traffic?

A sandwich board sign from QC Signs & Graphics will help your Charlotte location get more foot traffic and more attention from pedestrians. Contact our sign specialists now to get your stunning sidewalk signage.

Electronic Message Boards: A Simple and Effective Way to Communicate Your Message

Electronic Message Boards Charlotte NC

The sign world is forging ahead with electronic message boards. These new signs are simpler and more effective than you might imagine. They appeal to our digital age, where we expect immediate information that is always up to date and compelling. Compared to an unchanging billboard, digital message boards are more engaging, flexible, and attention-grabbing. Here’s what you need to know about how these signs can help your brand communicate its message.

Detailed Information

The most obvious advantage of an electronic message board is that it can contain a lot of information. Not only are these large signs, you can switch between multiple messages in a rotation, giving you much more room. Therefore, electronic message signs are suitable to display things like a building directory, a menu, or an event schedule. Anything that you might otherwise print a flyer for, or dedicate a very large sign to, can be better expressed with anindoor electronic message board.

Simple, Quick Changes

These signs are also very convenient because you can change the information on them simply through software. There is no need to re-print the sign if there is a mistake, such as a misspelling. And, you’ll have less budgetary constraint in making new signs, because you can skip the printing cost. Instead, it’s simple to change up the design on a digital message board at moment’s notice. If you wonder whether a different color or design might be more effective, you can experiment with it immediately.

Engaging Displays

Electronic signs, of course, have the advantage of being lit. That makes them more visible and compelling, especially in low-light areas. They can be very useful as outdoor signs at night for that reason. Plus, digital signs are powered by LEDs, which are an energy-efficient way to get that eye-catching brightness.

Plus, digital signs are also more engaging because they can take advantage of movement. Banners, flag signs, and other types of signs attempt to use movement in the wind to help catch people’s attention. But digital signs don’t need even a breeze to move.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics Today

It might be intimidating to start with one of these signs, however, at QC Signs & Graphics, we make it easy. We’ll help you choose the right indoor electronic message board for your needs and tell you what you need to know it get it up and running. If you’re in Charlotte, or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our sign specialists and get your message out there.

ADA Directional Signs: Helping the Disabled Navigate with Ease

ADA Directional Signs Charlotte NC

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandated businesses make many changes to support Americans with disabilities. One of those changes was the introduction of ADA directional signs. These signs need to fit certain criteria created by the ADA. The design is intended to help those with disabilities navigate businesses, including your business. These signs differ from your typical business directional signs in a few key ways.

ADA Signs Use Braille

Perhaps the most obvious part of an ADA sign is the braille featured on most of them. These raised dots form a language that those with visual impairment can use to navigate in your building. Your office doors, for example, should have room numbers printed on them on braille.

While it may seem like any sign with dots on it meets these criteria, braille is actually very strict about the height and spacing of the letters. Not all sign companies understand these details and include them in the sign. If the dots are wrong, a person with visual impairment may not be able to read them, which means they may feel very unwelcome in your building.

ADA Signs Are High Contrast

There are many more rules for ADA directional signs than just proper braille usage. As with other business directional signs, you may want your signs to include your branding, especially your brand colors. However, depending on your branding, these colors may not be high contrast enough to fulfill the ADA rules. The ADA requires a certain amount of contrast so that the sign can be more easily read by those with more minor visual impairments

ADA Signs Must Be a Certain Height

Having the right sign visually isn’t quite enough. ADA signs also need to be placed at a very specific height so that people who read Braille can find them without having to run their hand all over your wall. Specifically, your signs need to be between 40” to 70” up from the floor.

Choose Custom Wayfinding Signs from QC Signs & Graphics

There are many more ADA sign guidelines that you may have to include in your business directional signs. QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte can help you make sure that your new signs will fulfill the guidelines, so you can avoid fees and penalties. Contact our sign specialists now to get your custom sign system.