3 Things to Consider When Designing Building Directory Signs

Easy to understand building directory signs in Charlotte, NC

Building directory signs are very useful tools to make your customers or guests more comfortable in your space. Customers appreciate not having to talk to someone to figure out where they should go. However, if the sign is cluttered, incorrect, or in the way, it won’t have your desired effect. You need to design your sign carefully. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Focus on the Clarity of Your Sign

Your sign needs to communicate effectively, so you should focus on making it clear. Of course, office directory signs will have a lot of text. Choose the size, font, and color of the text carefully to make sure your lobby directory sign will be legible.

In general, we recommend a sans serif font. These fonts are more legible because they do not have the extra flourishes of serif fonts. As for the size of the font, think about how far away someone will be standing to read the sign and plan the size so it’s legible. You may want or need to follow ADA rules for sign contrast to ensure that the letters are distinct enough from the sign’s background.

2. Think About Where You Will be Placing Them

Ideally, you’d always know exactly where an office directory sign would be placed before you design it. This will help you make the sign clearer. For example, you make a sign simpler to understand by using arrows to direct customers. But, in order to place the arrows properly, you need to know where the sign will be.

You might also consider if your lobby directory sign will be too close to an elevator button or an entrance. You want customers or guests to see the sign when they need it, of course, but placing it too close might make it awkward to look at, as other people might be standing in the way.

3. Consider Extra Information

Make your office directory sign even more useful and impactful by adding extra information that your visitors might need when they visit. For example, the hours of operation of each business in commercial property might be helpful. In a doctor’s office, you might instead include information about nearby pharmacies. It all depends on what your customer needs.

Need Expert Advice About Your Building Directory Signs?

You should, of course, also consider the kind the kind of company you’re working with for your sign. For a quality building directory sign, reach out to QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte.