4 Tips to Design Effective Outdoor Banners

Custom flag banner design

Outdoor banner signs have been used as a way to promote an organization, its events, and products or services to the target audience. For businesses such as construction sites, large offices, and retail stores, getting a vinyl banner printed has been low maintenance and economical way to mark their business’s presence in outdoor spaces. As with any type of signage, few key factors determine the effectiveness. First and foremost is deciding the banner size, want to have that sorted it’s time to get started with the design.
In this post, we will be covering 5 tips to design an effective vinyl banner that has a greater impact on your business.

1. Be On Point

For an advertisement to be highly effective it must talk only about the desired action. For instance, if you are looking to promote an upcoming sale, then it should be clearly mentioned on your banner in big bold letters. Many times, people get excited about the prospects of outdoor advertising and end up overdoing it. If there are different messages to be conveyed to the audience, then each of them should have a separate banner so that every message can get the required attention.

2. Brand It Properly

For your vinyl banners to make the right impact, readers must understand who is behind the message. Sometimes, banners are placed a bit away from your facility to gain more visibility and draw customers to your establishment. While you are including your brand elements into the design, be sure to use your logo, brand colors, and some unique graphics that make helps your audience connect with your brand. Elements such as tag lines, addresses, and contact details should also be included.

3. Keep Your Message Clear

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to be on point with your message. But sometimes, even a single message can be long enough to distract readers and turn them away. Once you have finalized your message, make sure to streamline it as much as you can and then place it in a way that it should not look cluttered. You can even run your text vertically and horizontally and find out which one has better readability. 

4.Fonts, Colors, And Contrast

The most important factors that determine the visibility of your banners are contrast ratio, font size & style, and colors. When you are working on the contrast always consider the background where your banners will be placed. Surroundings play a major role in determining the visibility of your outdoor business signs and banners. To determine the font size and style, you must consider the distance from which the readers will be viewing the outdoor banner signs. Once you have finalized the fonts, make some of your team members read them from a distance, and see if they can do it without stumbling.

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