5 Tips to Design the Perfect Lobby Signs for Your Business

Custom Lobby Signs

Designing a new lobby sign is very exciting, but there are common pitfalls you need to avoid. Your sign needs to fit your space and express your brand perfectly. There shouldn’t be any ugly cords hanging out, and the design should feel consistent with the rest of your lobby décor. We suggest you follow these steps when you’re planning your custom lobby sign.

1. Consider Which Elements You Should Include

Your custom lobby sign should include your brand name, of course. But that’s just one of a handful of elements you might consider. The others are:

  • Your logo
  • Your moto
  • Your mascot

Adding all of these elements would most likely make the sign too busy and obfuscate its message. So, you should select the two that are most essential to your brand. Or, you may prefer to keep your sign simple, with only the brand name.

2. Take a Look at Your Lobby

Before you think about your office lobby sign design, you need to choose a spot in the lobby for the sign. Think about where the sign would look best and if it could be facing an outdoor window or door for all of Charlotte to see (which helps it achieve maximum impact). Take careful measurements, or make sure that your sign professionals do, or your final sign may not fit.

3. Investigate Your Material Options

The price, look, and durability of the sign will all change based on your choice of material. You should talk with your sign company to discover what materials are available for your custom lobby sign.

4. Understand How Your Sign Will Light Up

There are also a few different options when it comes to sign lighting. Your sign can be lit from the front, back, or both. Your whole sign can be lit with LEDs, to save money on its operation. Or you can light up only certain elements. We can help you explore unique lighting options that can help your sign catch as much attention as possible.

5. Get Expert Advice on Your Design

Your office lobby sign will define the space, and your brand, for years to come. The more expert advice you can get about it, the better. So, reach out to QC Signs today to talk to our designers. We offer excellent lobby sign design and manufacturing services in Charlotte.

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