6 Best Ways to Use Yard Signs Effectively

Yard signage custom made for Elite Design Group in Charlotte, NC

Yard signs are a great option to help you spread brand awareness and generate more leads. A simple yard sign with your business name and number is often enough to have a very successful campaign, depending on where you place the sign. Where should you place them? We will share the six best ways to use yard signs effectively in Charlotte, NC.

1. Your Customer’s Lawns

Placing your signs on your customer’s lawns is a popular and wise strategy. The social proof of this strategy is strong, meaning that your customer’s neighbors know that they purchased your services. That encourages them to do the same. You can generate a lot of business this way.

2. Major Intersections

At every election, yard signs plaster major intersections. If you can get permission to put your signs here, it is a great way to generate interest in your business. It’s affordable to put a sign at several of the major intersections in Charlotte, and that will help you get the most attention.

3. Around Your Physical Location

Some people use signs to direct people to their garage sale. You can use signs to direct customers to your store or physical locations by placing directional yard signs nearby. This is especially smart for new locations. If you want the signs to be a little more high-end than those for a garage sale, consider metal yard signs.

4. Target Neighborhoods

You can target neighborhoods with yard sign advertising. Choose the neighborhoods where you most want to generate business and place your signs in their parks, schools, and more.  

5. Outside of Your Home

What about your personal property? Sometimes it can be beneficial to advertise your business in your own neighborhood. If your neighbors could purchase your services, let them know what you do.

6. Thematic Locations & Times

There may be a natural fit between places you can advertise and your business. If you’re a landscaping company, get permission to put your yard signs at local suppliers. If you’re an events company, put your signs out during Halloween and the holidays.

Start Yard Sign Advertising with QC Signs & Graphics

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