Benefits of Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

The Pennsy exterior lighted signs in Charlotte, NC

Lighted exterior business signs are very popular in Charlotte, NC, and virtually everywhere else. Why do so many businesses make the decision that their outdoor signs should be lit? There are benefits that make signs more successful at getting attention and promoting a brand image. Discover the benefits of these signs and learn how you can get them for yourself.

Draw in Customers

Every sign’s ultimate job is to draw in more customers for your business. A lit sign, especially major signs like fascia signs, should result in more customers and more foot traffic into your location. If you need more customers and need to boost the visibility of your storefront, a lit sign is an excellent choice.

Get Attention at Night

Lit signs work all of the time. If your outdoor signs don’t have light, it is very hard to see them once the sun goes down. Even customers who are right near the sign may miss it. In contrast, signs that are lit can still be seen from the road, possibly even further than signs during the day, because there are fewer other things to look at.

More Energy Efficiency

If you’ve made the decision not to add lit signs in the past due to their energy usage, you may want to reconsider. Now, you can get large signs lit with LEDs, which use significantly less energy

\ than the old incandescent, and are less trouble than the old neon signs. You can get different light effects with LED signs too. Check out our gallery to see some.

Send More Detailed Messages

There are a few different types of lighted business signs that can send a much more detailed message than just your brand name. Here are some of your options:

Get the Benefits of Exterior Business Signs for Your Business

You can get more benefits from your outdoor business sign if it is perfectly personalized for your brand and your needs. The expert sign designers at QC Signs & Graphics can help you choose the right sign type, the right lighting effects, and the right design for your outdoor signs. If you’re ready to get a lighted business sign in Charlotte, NC, reach out to us today.