Custom Blade Signs

Business owners are always looking for new ways to get noticed in Charlotte. Attracting people from the street is key to generating more foot traffic for your business.

There are plenty of sign options available in the market. However, blade signs are one of the most effective choices when it comes to catching the attention of passersby.

What is a Blade Sign?

These are projecting signs mounted to the façade of your storefront or building. These typically have your business name and logo and are in the direct line of sight of people passing by.

They are the perfect tool when you want to drive more foot traffic to your business. They make your presence known and make your business stand out in any crowded Charlotte area.

Uses of Blade Signs

First-time clients often wonder if the cost of blade signs is worth the investment. Let us look at the different ways these signs can benefit your business.

  • Visibility

Hanging blade signs are a great way to increase visibility in Charlotte. These elevated signs are hard to miss and are visible even from a distance.

These are the best signs to use when your store is within a crowded location. Whichever direction people are coming from, they are sure to see these signs.

  • Branding

Because these hanging signs are highly visible, they provide the perfect branding opportunity. Custom blade signs can be designed to match your company’s brand. These can also include your brand name, logo, and colors.

The more people see your sign, the better your chances at building brand recognition and recall.

  • Wayfinding

Blade signage is great to use for wayfinding. Used outdoors, these make it easy for customers to locate your business.

Interior blade signs are also popularly used to give directions to key areas within your space. These point customers toward restrooms, elevators, and the like.

Types of Blade Signs

Whether you need blade signs for retail, office, or wayfinding purposes, there is an option available for you. QC Signs & Graphics offers a variety of choices that can fit your needs and budget.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Round Blade Hanging Signs
  • Illuminated Blade Signs
  • Double-Sided Signs
  • Swinging Shop Signs
  • Vertical Blade Signs
  • 3D Blade Signage

There are also plenty of materials available to make your sign truly unique. When choosing materials for outdoor blade signs, it is important to think about durability. Go with materials that can withstand inclement weather conditions in Charlotte, like metal and aluminum.

High-Quality Blade Signs “Near Me”

Amplify your brand and increase foot traffic to your business with the right signage today. QC Signs & Graphics offers top-of-the-line blade signs manufacturing in Charlotte. We are the top choice for high-quality sign solutions that help your business succeed.

Our team only uses the best materials to ensure your signs stay attractive for years. Contact us today for your signage needs, and we’ll give you a FREE quote.



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