Boat & RV Wraps

Boat & RV Wraps: A New Way Of Advertising In Charlotte, NC

Do you know why vehicle wraps are so effective for outdoor advertising? They catch the attention and spur the interest of people who come across them. There are some very convincing stats to back up these claims, a study completed by Perception Research shows that “Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.” and mobile billboard also adds that “messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate as compared to billboards which only has 19%”. With these statistics in place, there is no reason why you should not invest in them.

Maximize Your Reach With Boat Wraps in Charlotte, NC

Most businesses invest in land vehicles for mobile advertising such as buses, cars, vans, and trucks which makes it more competitive and chances of your business getting recognition go down a bit. When it comes to boat wraps, the competition is less, and chances are more than your message will have more visibility. People who pass by your boat while its moving or anchored on the shore will have more probability of reading your message.

Boat wraps also provide the opportunity to highlight your message in different areas when you are using them for transporting goods. This shoots up the number of impressions that you can get from your advertisement and your message can have more impact. Similarly, if you are participating in an event or a competition, your message can be seen by viewers, participants, organizers, which can boost the number of impressions and result in quality leads.

Boat Signs & Graphics in Charlotte, NC

Increase Your Brand’s Reach Exponentially With RV Wraps In Charlotte, NC

Do you want your business to be known locally? Or you are planning to expand to new territories? If yes, Investing in RV Wraps will be a smart decision. Many businesses opt for circulating their messages on a rented RV that is covered with RV graphics wraps in Charlotte. These vehicles are perfect for a small team to travel across and organize roadshows and small events. The biggest advantage of investing in RV wraps is your message can be displayed on a 35 to 45 feet long vehicle that is driving around on the busiest roads. Nobody can ignore that.

The creative possibilities are endless, you can choose to be all funny, creative, or sending a serious message that best suits your brand. With RV Wraps, one thing is for sure, whatever message you choose it will be sent out loud and clear. It is a very effective method of communicating directly with your customers and if you can back this up through your social media, chances are rare that you will not have great results.

Boat & RV Wraps by QC Signs & Graphics

Now it’s time to get things done. If you are planning on investing in Boat and RV Wraps in Charlotte, you do not have to bother searching for sign companies near me, just get in touch with QC Signs & Graphics. One of the many services that we specialize in, high-quality Boat and RV wraps are one among them. These graphics are tailor-made for each client depending on their specific requirements. Our flow of activities begins with design, moves to production, followed by careful implementation and timely maintenance.



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