Brighten Up Your Interiors With Beautifully Crafted LED Signs

LED custom business signs for Coffee Shop in Charlotte, NC

You might be most familiar with LED sign as exterior sign options. Afterall, you’ll find an LED fascia sign on virtually every business in Charlotte. But, those highly successful LED signs can do wonders when placed inside of storefronts, offices, and other spaces. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about interior custom LED signs.

LEDs are Great Lobby Signs

A custom LED sign is an excellent choice for a lobby sign. While not all lobby signs light up, those that do catch more attention and create a more powerful brand presence. The type of lighting you choose can enhance your brand image. For example, halo lit signs create soft brand images. Front-lit LED signs are best for bolder, more dramatic brands. As they are LEDs, these signs are very cheap to run, so you can leave your lobby sign on all day.

LEDs can Help Create Landmarks

These days, brands can catch a lot of attention if they create opportunities for people to take photos and share them on social media platforms. Many brands, cities and landmarks use interior LED signs to creates these opportunities. Pair a custom LED sign with a display and encourage people to take their picture in front of it, and in all likelihood, they will share these images on social media and promote your brand.

LED Neon Signs

Would you like an interior LED sign, but feel like the crisp, modern light isn’t right for your brand? That’s not a problem, as LED signs can be made to mimic neon signs. You get that classic look, and the energy-efficiency of LEDs. This option is perfect for brands that are vintage, classic, or like to emphasize their long history. An interior LED neon sign can help you build the vintage atmosphere that your customer enjoys.

Explore All That LED Signs Have to Offer with QC Signs & Graphics

There are many more ways to use custom LED signs to beautify your interior space and promote your brand. Whether you’re an office, retail location, amusement park, or landmark, we can help you design a custom LED sign that matches your property and enhances it, along with your brand. Almost every business in Charlotte can benefit from these signs. Reach out to us today to talk about interior LED signs for your brand.