Building Signs for Business

Making a great first impression is important for any business Charlotte. Your building’s façade can influence your business image. At QC Signs, our goal is to help businesses build a positive business perception.

What is a Building Sign?

An effective way to create the right impression is through attention-grabbing building signs. These are signs that can set you apart from other competing businesses and help you generate more visibility in your community.

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Types of Building Signs

There is a wide variety of exterior building sign options to choose from: 

  • Channel Letter Signs: When we talk about your building’s façade, it is crucial to have an impactful storefront sign. Channel letters are the most popular outdoor building signs for businesses. These are perfect for giving a name to your building, letting people know who and what your company is.
  • Dimensional Lettering: When you need simple yet impactful signs for buildings, dimensional lettering is the way to go. These give your business name a depth in design that is unmistakable to anyone passing by.
  • Address Signs: An address sign is a valuable addition to your space. These help visitors know right away that they found the right building, avoiding any confusion and possible frustration.
  • Outdoor Lighted Building Signs: Illuminated signs are ideal for businesses that are open through the night. These also give you extra visibility during the day. Lighted business signs are the best at making your business shine 24/7.
  • Hanging Signs: These commercial building signs are typically attached to your building façade. Hanging signs are in the perfect line of sight of people walking by, making your business hard to miss in Charlotte.

Uses of Building Signs

Business owners in Charlotte are often daunted by the cost of building signs. Rightfully so, as these are significant marketing investments. However, the many functions of these signs bring you a lot of benefits in return.

Your target customers need to know your business exists to take advantage of your products or services. Building signs help establish your presence in your area.

Once you’ve established your presence, it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Branding plays a significant role in this. Custom building signs are your biggest brand boosters. This helps showcase your brand to your target audience and lets them know why you are the better choice.

Lastly, building signs help target customers easily locate your business. They are a great wayfinding tool that drives more customers to your space.

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Our sign makers are knowledgeable about what works for the local market in Charlotte. We take the time to assess your business and location to recommend sign solutions that suit your business. Give us a call today with your building sign needs, and we’ll give you a FREE quote!