Amazing Bus Wraps

Are you a Charlotte business owner looking to get more visibility for your business? The competitive nature of the business can make it challenging to get ahead of the competition. However, making your business more visible can make a lot of difference.

Bus Wraps “Near Me”

When it comes to business exposure, bus wrap advertising has a lot to offer. This is a strategy that allows you to add your business and brand on bus surfaces. You can cover an entire bus or specific parts with adhesive vinyl wraps to promote your brand.

QC Signs & Graphics can help you with high-quality bus wrapping in Charlotte. We offer a variety of options and our expertise to get the word out about your business. Talk to our team today for a free consultation!

Types of Bus Wraps

The cost of bus wraps depends on the type and design you choose. The size of this project can be intimidating. However, there is always an option that will satisfy your business and budget needs.

Buses provide you with a lot of advertising space. This translates to endless opportunities when it comes to bus wrap designs.

Take a look at these bus wrapping options you can consider for your charlotte business:

  1. Full Wrap:

A full wrap covers the entire bus surface. This changes the bus’s entire look. If you want to have a moving billboard, this is the way to go.

  1. Full Side Wrap:

This gives coverage to the bus’s side panes. Each side has different potential viewers, so choose carefully. The driver’s side is mostly seen by people from the other side of the street. However, the passenger-side attracts curbside attention.

  1. Full Back Wrap:

This type of vinyl bus wrap covers the entire backside. It is a great way to attract the attention of drivers or commuters on the road behind you.

  1. Bus Graphics and Lettering:

Vinyl graphics and lettering is an option if you are not looking for a full wrap. This lets you add important subtle details to your bus design. These details can include:

  • Business name
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Website/Social media platforms 

Uses of Bus Wraps

  1. Branding:

The size of buses makes them perfect for increasing brand exposure in Charlotte. Adding branding elements like your colors and logo allows you to introduce your brand to your target audience.

Schools or universities love using custom bus wraps to add their school colors, logos, or initials to their buses.

  1. Advertising:

Commercial bus wraps are ideal for promotional purposes. This lets you display products or service features on your bus to attract interest.

Custom bus graphics are also popular for promoting events like concerts, tradeshows, and other corporate events.

Bus Wrap Experts in Charlotte

Vehicle wraps for buses can be a significant investment. But the rewards you’ll get make it worthwhile. Choose bus wrapping from QC Signs & Graphics today! Our team is committed to helping you reach your marketing goals with high-quality wrapping solutions.



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We only choose the best vinyl material to ensure your wrap stays vibrant and long-lasting. Give us a call today to get a FREE quote.