Car Wraps in Charlotte

When you’re driving around Charlotte, you may see a lot of cars doubling as signs as they drive around. You might wonder why these signs are so popular, especially for businesses that are always on the road. There are many benefits to custom car wraps that make them ideal marketing tools. This includes their low-price, long-life, and low maintenance. Learn more about these signs and why, if you’re in Charlotte, they are worth investing in.

Types of Wraps

At QC Signs & Graphics, we can place a wrap on any kind of vehicle, not just on cars. Plus, there’s more than one type of sign for you to choose for your vehicle. The types include:

  • Full vinyl car wraps: These signs are just as they sound, they cover the full vehicle that they are applied to. They make the biggest statement but also cost the most.
  • Partial auto wraps: These signs only cover part of the vehicle, and which part is completely up to you. Partial wraps don’t get too out of hand as far as visuals go, and they are more-cost effective than full wraps.
  • Car decals: These aren’t large wraps, although they are made out of the same material as wraps. Vehicle decals are like the buttons of the wrap world. They are small but can make a big impact when well-designed.

Benefits of Auto Wraps

Vinyl wraps and vinyl decals have many benefits that you can take advantage of to further your business:

  • Low maintenance: There’s no need to power wash or scrub these signs.
  • Protect the paint: The underlying paint isn’t harmed by the wrap, in fact, it is protected.
  • Low-cost: Compared to many permanent signs, these are inexpensive.
  • Number of impressions: Depending on where you drive or park in Charlotte, your wrap will get hundreds or thousands of impressions per day.
  • Always local: Unlike online advertising, you know that your car will reach local people who can be your customers.
  • Portable: Change your service area? Or just want to target a new part of town? You can easily move your car to accommodate that.

Start by Contacting QC Signs & Graphics Today

Are you wondering about the cost of car wrapping? We can answer your questions at QC Signs & Graphics. We’re a sign company in Charlotte, NC. We will design and install a wrap that will work for your business and your specific goals. Get started by contacting us today.

Plunge House Jeep wrap done by QC Signs & Graphics



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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can! In fact, many companies recommend washing a car when it has a vinyl wrap on it because when wrapped, the paintwork is protected from all the elements. 

A car wrap or vehicle graphics can help you make your brand more visible 24/7 by essentially making your car a moving billboard! By adding vinyl wraps to your fleet, your potential customers see your company name and information wherever you go. 

Yes. There is no issue with wrapping a car with scratches. In fact, it might actually improve the look and feel of the car. But for best results, the paint of the car should be in good condition. If there are scratches, try to take care of those before bringing them in. 

Respraying and wrapping (or vinyl wrapping as it is sometimes called) are both methods that can be used to change the color of a car, but there are significant differences between them.

In simple terms, respraying is spraying a car with paint, whereas vinyl wrapping is sticking a layer of colored vinyl to the surface of a car. 

It depends.

Car Wrap advertising costs vary enormously, depending on the size and complexity of your car wrap. Speak to our team at QC Signs & Graphics for a full quote.