Channel Letter Signs: Let Your Business Stand Out From The Competition

Best Channel Letters in Charlotte, NC

When you’re considering which sign you might place on your building, you’ll find that many experts will immediately suggest a channel letter sign. Why are these signs so popular in Charlotte (as well as everywhere else)? These signs can really make your business stand out. Here’s how they make such a big impact, and a bit of discussion on whether they might be the best sign for your business.

Complete Versatility

Channel letters can be made in your exact brand font, even if it’s a complicated serif script. We can also make channel letters light up in your exact brand color. They can be any size, we can mount them to your building in many different spots, and they can be made out of a range of materials. One of these signs can reflect your brand identity perfectly, which helps it stand out.

Light and Contrast

In one of these signs, only the letters are lit up, and not the background behind the sign. That makes for extreme contrast between the letters and everything else, especially at night. This really helps the sign stand out, and helps it be read easily, even at night. This helps your brand stand out even when you’re closed, which is important to maximize your reach.

Of course, reverse channel letters don’t have the same light contrast that front-lit channel letters do. These signs are instead lit from behind so that they have a halo-like effect around the letters. As this is a very unique lighting choice, it also stands out at night.

Visible from Afar

Of course, as they are large, lit signs, these signs are visible from far away. That means that more people can see the sign and see that your business is nearby.

Are Channel Letters Right for Your Business?

Channel letters are best for these kinds of businesses:

  • Those with brick and mortar locations
  • Those in busy plazas that need to stand out
  • Those that are open at night and need to stand out in the darkness

If you’re not sure if one of these signs is right for you, reach out to the experts at QC Signs & Graphics to get an educated opinion. If they aren’t right for you, we can help you find the sign that is.

Start by Talking to QC Signs & Graphics

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