Create an Attractive Entrance for Your Commercial Facility with Awning Signs

Flowers Beautiful Awning Design in Charlotte, NC

Does your brand encourage people to enjoy the finer things in life? Or to slow down and relax? Then your brand could benefit from an awning sign. These beautiful fabric signs remind customers of quaint downtowns, European shops, and fresh, hand-made products. For that reason, they are an essential tool for businesses that want both an attractive entrance and a fanciful atmosphere. Learn more about what these awning signs can do for you.

Create an Attractive Entrance

Awning signs are fabric suspended above your entrance in Charlotte, NC. They can have scallops or other designs along the edge and are often in rich and eye-catching colors. They help draw attention to your building and upwards to your other signage. Look through our gallery, and you’ll see that signs and awnings can make your business entrance more attractive, raising the profile of your business and bringing more customers in.

Shelter Customers

How many romantic moments have directors placed beneath awnings as it is raining? The shelter provided by an awning sign isn’t just thoughtful; it also changes your business atmosphere. It can make your property feel romantic, intimate, or just quaint. Customers will appreciate having a spot to wait for their ride out of the rain.

Add Beautiful Branding

Awning signs can have your branding, just like all other outdoor signs. We can find a fabric to match your brand colors or to contrast with it so that you make the most significant impact possible. We can also print any text you’d like on your awning, including in the specific font that your brand uses. The possibilities are endless with awning signs for businesses.

Reduce Your Liability

There’s always a chance that a slip and fall accident will happen on your property. Awnings can help reduce that possibility by sheltering steps and other potential obstacles from the rain and snow, making them more secure for people to walk on. That way, you can increase the safety in your entrance while you increase its beauty too.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Next Sign

At QC Signs & Graphics, we care about offering the right sign type for you and not just offering you the same thing everyone else has. That’s why we carry a wide variety of niche signs and awnings, so you always have the options you need to stand out. Contact us to get started on your sign in Charlotte, NC today.