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Have you ever come across a business and instantly got confused with its products or services? Some businesses have a hard time trying to explain what they do and how they do it. The risk is that people tend to lose interest in a business that they don’t understand.

Custom signage is a great way to showcase your brand to your target customers. Generic, office supply signs can make you look like everyone else. These also limit how customers understand your business.

Build an identity for your Charlotte business with custom signs. These set you apart from the competition and tell customers why they should choose you.

Types of Custom Signs

At QC Signs & Graphics, we offer a variety of custom-made signs to fulfill your business needs. During the FREE consultation, our team ensures we get to know your business. This lets us determine the best approach for your signs.

Here are the top options you can consider:

Our experienced sign makers in Charlotte will create signs that are unique to your business. This includes incorporating your brand theme and colors. Whether you have custom indoor signs or outdoor ones, they are sure to stand out.

Benefits of Custom Signs in Charlotte

Brand RecognitionCustom business signs are one of the best ways to build recognition for your brand. Because these signs are unique to you, customers can easily identify your business. The more people are familiar with your brand, the more you will be top of mind in Charlotte.

Consistency: Research shows that businesses see a 33% increase in revenue due to brand consistency. Custom signs for business enable you to be consistent with your branding throughout your space.

Improve Visibility: There is nothing worse than getting lost in a crowd of similar businesses. Custom outdoor signs improve your visibility. The unique feature of your sign is what can make you stand out. It is a great way to attract more attention to your business.

Customer Loyalty and Retention: How many times have you picked up a product but put it back when you saw a more familiar brand? Research shows that 81% of consumers only buy from brands that they trust. Brand familiarity enables you to establish an image of a business whose products and services can be trusted.

Custom graphics allow customers to easily spot a business that they can trust. When customers know you are a brand they can depend on, the more loyal they will be to your business.

High-Quality Custom Signs “Near Me”

Set yourself apart from the competition today with eye-catching custom signage! If you are looking for a trusted custom sign company, QC Signs & Graphics is your top choice. We are a full-service sign company that can help design, build, and install high-quality sign solutions for your business.

Our team conducts an assessment of your space and your business in Charlotte. This allows us to recommend the best signs and designs that fit your business needs. Give us a call today with your custom signage needs, and we’ll give you a FREE quote!



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