Design Your Own Food Truck Wraps & Graphics in Charlotte, NC

Commercial food truck wraps in Charlotte, NC

Do you have a food truck in Charlotte, NC? The right wrap will help you stand out from the competition and communicate the personality and flavor of your food to your customers and potential customers. If your food truck just has truck graphics, you’re missing out on having a more powerful, interesting, cohesive design that can make your food truck much more successful. Here are some great food truck wrap ideas.

Color and Contrast

There’s so much room for creativity with the base color and the contrast colors on your food truck. You can go as wild as you like with these, making vibrant color pairings that will make sure that your truck is seen. If you’re looking for some food truck wrap ideas, here are some color options:

  • Few vehicles are purple, so this color easily stands out on the road.
  • While reds are common, pairing them with another color makes them stand out. Consider yellow, orange, and green.
  • Blues are common, but you can choose unusual shades that surprise people, such as baby blues, ocean blues, and very dark blues.

Movement: Arrows, Lines

Food trucks aren’t often in movement, but having the suggestion of movement in the design can make them more interesting and exciting. Dynamic designs will also look better when the truck is in motion, helping you to promote your brand throughout the town. Arrows and lines are two great ways to suggest movement in your commercial truck wrap design. Consider horizontal or diagonal lines across the truck, perhaps with different colors on each side.

Characters and Images

What should people think of when they think of your food? Adding characters and images to your food truck design is an opportunity to create a personality that your customers can connect with. Use images of flora and fauna from the country that your cuisine is inspired by. Or create a character for your brand that emphasizes your food’s qualities. You can apply just the character with a truck graphic.

What About Branding?

If your food truck is connected to a restaurant, then you’ll need elements of the restaurant branding on the food truck. Your commercial truck wrap can have the exact font, colors, and logo that your restaurant does.

Get Professional Help with Your Food Truck Design

Let QC Signs & Graphics help you with your food truck design in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to work with one of our sign specialists on your complementary commercial truck wrap consultation.

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