Does Your Business Need a Monument Sign?

Monument Signs at QC Signs Charlotte, North Carolina

Before you start looking for “monument signs near me,” it’s wise to take a moment and consider if your business needs this type of sign. Knowing how a monument sign will benefit your business will help you create a better sign because you know what the sign has to accomplish.

What’s the Purpose of a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are highly flexible and can provide much utility for businesses. Which of these benefits are you looking for?

  • Bring in traffic: Monument signs make any business more enticing and easier to find. Because they are near the road, they help businesses that are far from the main road develop a brand presence.
  • Build authority: Have you noticed that successful, serious businesses have monument signs? Your customers have too.
  • Send a message: Monument signs don’t just promote your brand. Detailed messages can be put on digital signs or on monument signs. Churches and schools invest in monument signs for this reason.
  • Beauty: Monument signs have permanent, solid mounts that can be made of beautiful landscaping materials, including natural stone and smooth brick. They will fit in with the overall landscaping and architecture of the building.

Who Might Choose Monument Signs for Business?

  • Business Parks: Any business that has rented out space or has bought a unit within a multi-business complex will need a sign that distinguishes them from the next. Monuments signs can help customers identify them separately within the park.
  • Government buildings: Any government or organization that is dedicated to informing and engaging the public can use a monument sign to send longer, more complex messages.
  • Arenas and sports complexes: Businesses that want to generate excitement and advertise event details can use commercial monument signs, especially digital monument signs, effectively.
  • Condominiums: Any business that needs to be more desirable and classier should choose a monument sign to elevate its curb appeal and promote foot traffic.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics for Monument Signs for Your Business

If you’re looking for “monument signs near me,” reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte, NC. We’ll help you make the right statement with a monument sign that achieves your business goals.

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