Electronic Message Boards: A Simple and Effective Way to Communicate Your Message

Electronic Message Boards Charlotte NC

The sign world is forging ahead with electronic message boards. These new signs are simpler and more effective than you might imagine. They appeal to our digital age, where we expect immediate information that is always up to date and compelling. Compared to an unchanging billboard, digital message boards are more engaging, flexible, and attention-grabbing. Here’s what you need to know about how these signs can help your brand communicate its message.

Detailed Information

The most obvious advantage of an electronic message board is that it can contain a lot of information. Not only are these large signs, you can switch between multiple messages in a rotation, giving you much more room. Therefore, electronic message signs are suitable to display things like a building directory, a menu, or an event schedule. Anything that you might otherwise print a flyer for, or dedicate a very large sign to, can be better expressed with anindoor electronic message board.

Simple, Quick Changes

These signs are also very convenient because you can change the information on them simply through software. There is no need to re-print the sign if there is a mistake, such as a misspelling. And, you’ll have less budgetary constraint in making new signs, because you can skip the printing cost. Instead, it’s simple to change up the design on a digital message board at moment’s notice. If you wonder whether a different color or design might be more effective, you can experiment with it immediately.

Engaging Displays

Electronic signs, of course, have the advantage of being lit. That makes them more visible and compelling, especially in low-light areas. They can be very useful as outdoor signs at night for that reason. Plus, digital signs are powered by LEDs, which are an energy-efficient way to get that eye-catching brightness.

Plus, digital signs are also more engaging because they can take advantage of movement. Banners, flag signs, and other types of signs attempt to use movement in the wind to help catch people’s attention. But digital signs don’t need even a breeze to move.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics Today

It might be intimidating to start with one of these signs, however, at QC Signs & Graphics, we make it easy. We’ll help you choose the right indoor electronic message board for your needs and tell you what you need to know it get it up and running. If you’re in Charlotte, or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our sign specialists and get your message out there.

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