Environmental Signs

What is Environmental Signage?

Environment signage is installed in various places throughout a professional space to create a single cohesive visual theme that leaves a strong impression on clients and employees

Environmental signs in Charlotte are placed in workplaces, offices, schools, and public and recreational areas. These include wall murals, window graphics, lobby signs, and more.

Types of Environmental Signs:

Wayfinding and directional signage can help bring an environmental design project together both by providing important information and incorporating your brand throughout your space. Environmental graphics for your walls and windows and lobby signage are also key in your office branding efforts. Some other elements include:

Environmental graphic design in general uses elements such as color, materials, visual themes, landscaping, interior design, and industrial design to help visitors navigate and understand your brand, vision, and important company information. 

Environmental graphic design can take marketing to another level and create unforgettable experiences for your employees and any visitors.

Word Cloud Wall Graphics
Word Cloud Wall Graphics

Custom Environmental Signs:

Wayfinding and identity signs are a common aspects of custom design for branded spaces to help visitors know about your brand and understand where they are. Wall murals are another popular custom option for environmental office branding because they offer more space for intricate, engaging designs that not only represent your brand well but are also stunning pieces of art.

Uses of Environmental Signs:

  • Utilizing specific colors and visual themes in environmental signs to convey an important message.
  • Directing new visitors to where they need to go.
  • Telling a comprehensive story about your company and your brand.
  • Creating an engaging, memorable office environment.

Signage environmental graphic design in workplaces is inspiring and welcoming. It adds clarity, beauty, and originality to an environment. Your company’s identity is put forth. It creates a sense of comfort for employees, visitors, and clients. Environmental graphic designers in Charlotte make interactive displays, wall and floor graphics, and dimensional logos. 

The cost of environmental graphics will depend upon the size, design, and material used. Usually available in square, round, or rectangle forms. 

Environmental branding agencies in Charlotte design attractive graphics to incorporate your brand throughout your space.

If you’re looking for an Environmental graphic design company in Charlotte, contact us now to start a project that transforms your office, store, or building.



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