Food Truck Wraps from Experts

Display who you are and make your food truck stand out with custom food truck wraps for your mobile restaurant. The team at QC Signs & Graphics are your food truck wrap experts in Charlotte, NC. Our team can design custom eye-catching food truck wraps for your food truck business and meet your design needs.

What is a Food Truck Wrap?

Food truck wraps are large decals applied on the exterior of food trucks. Our eye-catching design options make it easy for potential customers to understand what your company is selling right away. QC Signs & Graphics team can design customized elements, colors, images, and messages that are true to your brand and business. We can design and print every part of your food truck wrap. Charlotte’s QC Signs & Graphics is here to make sure your truck stands out. To learn more about the cost of food truck wraps, click here to receive a free quote.

Types of Food Truck Wraps

We offer several types of custom design vinyl wraps for food trucks. These signs will be attractive, send a positive message to your customers, and perfectly fit your vehicle.

  • Food truck graphics: Try food truck decals and graphics if you are looking for a simple design to put on your food truck without completely covering your food truck. Charlotte’s QC Signs & Graphics offers both decals and graphics; we can customize your decals using stunning colors and prints. Our graphics are easy to remove, long-lasting and will not damage your vehicle. Make your business easy to recognize with simple mobile advertising. Our team uses the latest printing technology to design a practical and creative graphic. Click here to connect with one of our sign experts.
  • Full Food Truck Wraps: Take your food truck to the next level with a branded food truck wrap. These signs are a great way to protect your truck’s surface from long-term damage while displaying your brand. Display your business name, address, contact information, menu, and any vital information you want customers to know about your business. With a full wrap, you can trust that your message is visible from all angles. Fully display your brand and give your customers a more cohesive brand experience. A full wrap creates brand awareness and keeps your business theme the same throughout all levels of your company. 
  • Partial Food Truck Wraps: If you do not want to cover your entire truck, why not invest in partial food truck wraps? Increase your branding using high-quality graphics. These wraps are cost-effective and great to display and promote your business. Partial wraps cover between 1/4 to 3/4 of your truck. These wraps are great for temporary use, and if you already have a food-service business and are considering getting a food truck, we recommend you try partial food truck wraps. These wraps are also great if you want to expand your food truck business. Partial wraps are an excellent tool for brand growth.  
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Looking for Food Truck Wraps Near You?

Our team will include everything and anything you ask for in a food truck wrap. Your wrap will consist of your brand logo, colors, graphics, etc. If you live in or around Charlotte, NC and are interested in learning more about commercial vehicle wraps, get in touch with QC Signs & Graphics. Click here to receive a free quote.



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For any signage requirements in Charlotte, NC, we would be happy to become your local partner. Contact us today to receive a free quote!