Give A New Life to Your Business with Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs

If you own a business, you know the importance of keeping your business’s look fresh and vibrant. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in the right type of signage. Too often, small, and medium-sized businesses assume that channel letter signs are not the right fit for them. If you are looking to change the outlook of your commercial facility and the way your brand name appeals to your audience, custom channel letters are a perfect choice. They are efficient, cost-effective, and most of all long-lasting. 

Here are a few reasons why businesses should consider channel letter signs for outdoor advertising:

1. More Visibility

When your brand has high visibility, you get more foot traffic, more impressions, and generate more revenue. If you choose channel letter signs, their 3D appearance makes your brand more visible even in harsh weather conditions. These letters cast internal and external shadows and can be illuminated by a variety of options. Their bold appearance is enough to make any brand name stand out.

2. LED Channel Letters Are Energy Efficient

Compared to digital displays, lightbox signs or other illuminated business signs, LED channel letters are more energy efficient. They save energy because just the letters are illuminated while in all other lit signs, the whole area near the letters is also illuminated. And since each letter is illuminated, it improves the overall visibility and the effectiveness of the message. This helps businesses to cut down operating expenses while reducing the impact on the environment.

3. They Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere

Although the most commonplace usage for channel letter signs is on the face of the buildings. But with a variety of mounting options, experienced sign professionals can place them anywhere you want. Many businesses use custom channel letters for indoor advertising as well. When planned properly, they can be equally efficient and effective for indoor purposes.

4. Customizability

One of the main reasons that make channel later signs so effective is their ability to be customized. Primary factors that define a sign such as shape, color, font, method of illumination are all completely customizable. If you’re working with the right signage partner in Charlotte, you can certainly capture all the elements of your brand and present it in a unique way to your target audience.

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