How ADA Signs Can Help Your Business in 2022

ADA Complaint Signage for Business

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 required businesses to be considerate of the disabilities of employees, and people in general, by making their spaces more accessible. Since then, ADA signs have become an important consideration in the architectural, construction, and signage industries. Businesses are required to put up signs that are easy to read for those that are visually impaired. ADA-compliant signs are a significant way to let people know your business is inclusive and focused on making accessibility a priority.

The Benefits of Using ADA Signs in Charlotte for Businesses

Some of the ways your business can benefit from the addition of ADA signs are:

  • Creating an environment that welcomes everyone.
  • Meeting the needs of a whole new demographic and thereby increasing customer base.
  • Enhancing the design of your space.

ADA Signs in Charlotte Make Sure Everyone Can Participate

ADA compliant signs that are well designed in addition to being easy to read are beneficial to all stakeholders of a business. It is very important for businesses to make sure they nurture an inclusive environment.

Some ADA signs are required to be braille signs. Visually impaired customers will immediately feel welcome and at home when they feel included. Having braille signs helps them navigate your business without needing assistance. This ability for independence is at the heart of ADA regulations.

ADA Signs Improve Customer Experience

ADA signs in Charlotte can also help customers navigate stores better. Braille signs are not a necessity in all spaces. But having them or signs with raised characters can help those unfamiliar with your store find their way around much more easily, adding to customer satisfaction.

Custom ADA Signs Enhance Design

Having custom ADA signs can be a striking addition to the visuals and themes of your location. There’s no reason at all for ADA signs to be bland and boring. Customize them with different styles and colors. ADA signs in Charlotte can help add to the overall look of your office or store by being made especially for the room’s style. Adding a company logo is a great idea to be accessible in a stylish way!

For any questions about how to up your style game while increasing accessibility, contact QC Signs & Graphics and get your custom ADA signs today!