How Monument Signs Can Strengthen Brand Identity

The Quarry Monument Signage in Charlotte, NC

Monument signs are those beautiful signs you’ll catch on Charlotte roadsides. Instead of being right near the business that they are advertising for, these signs are a few feet away, to best catch the attention of people who are driving by. In fact, they can help you overcome a few challenges that prevent you from bolstering your brand identity. If you’re considering getting a “monument sign near me,” first discover why monument signs will strengthen your brand identity.

Elevated Materials

This kind of sign is a monument. It should fit right in with your landscaping or with the exterior materials of your building, to support and enhance your curb appeal. That elevated, elegant look, strengthens brand identities for those brands that want to appear beautiful, successful, high-end, and more. The materials that we can use for your monument sign include the same pavers on your walkways, or the same brick on your building, or a metal or plastic that works with your brand and your property.

Location, Location

The location of a monument sign makes brand outreach better. While many signs will only reach the customers, who have already decided to enter into your property, these signs are right at the roadside and oriented so that anyone who is simply driving by will read it. If your property has a large fence, an obscured entrance, or access control, these kinds of signs are an opportunity to strengthen your brand connection despite those factors. Signs that are near the roadside will do work for you, the way that fascia signs work for other businesses.

More of a Message

So many outdoor signs are just a brand name. If you want to connect more with your customers, and really leave a larger impression in their mind, a monument is a great choice. These signs have much more room, for a whole sentence of information. You can make great use of this space, using it to tell your customers what they need to know, or using it to attempt to connect with them. That message can really help strengthen your brand identity with anyone who reads the sign.  

Work with QC Signs & Graphics for Your Monument Sign

Don’t search for “monument signs near me,” you’ve already found them! At QC Signs & Graphics we supply monument signs for businesses in Charlotte, NC. Reach out to us today to get started on a sign that will strengthen your brand identity.

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