How Office Directory Signs Help Your Business

Lobby directory signs for office

Building directory signs tell people where to go to find the office, service, or person they are looking for. When placed in the lobby, they help direct flow and make the customer experience better. Whether you own a property with multiple businesses or your business is so large it could use a lobby directory sign, you can benefit in many ways by installing these signs. Here are just a few of the ways that an office directory sign could help your business in Charlotte, NC.

Better Wayfinding

When customers can’t find their way in your property or business, they may get frustrated and leave. Even if they see it through to find the place they were looking for, they have a bad experience. Making a little investment in a lobby directory sign will significantly improve your customer’s experience and show that you value their time.

Meet Customer Needs

Customers with differences in ability appreciate building directory signs. Those who are hard of hearing may not be able to ask for directions. Those who have mobility differences don’t want to spend extra time and effort wandering to try to find what they are looking for. Directory signs will help them save time and feel more comfortable in your space. Add some braille to the sign, and you can support those with visual disabilities too.

Remove Social Pressure

Some people will not want to bother your staff to try to find out where they should go. Sometimes it’s just that they have an aversion to asking for directions. Other times, they are embarrassed about what they are looking for. This is especially true in doctor’s offices, charities, and other organizations that might bring up shame for some people. A directory sign relieves the pressure people feel when they don’t want to ask for directions and helps them have a much better experience.

Free Up Staff Time

Do your staff spend a lot of time directing customers and helping them find what they are looking for? Or do your staff frequently find they are waiting around while customers and clients try to find them? That time could be better spent on other tasks, or even just with bonding with customers and developing a better relationship with them.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics

We offer lobby directory signs in Charlotte, NC. Reach out to one of our sign experts today to get started designing your new sign.

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