How to Boost Your Outdoor Advertising in Charlotte with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

For many businesses in Charlotte, vehicle wraps are a key part of outdoor advertising – or perhaps their only outdoor advertising effort. The good news is that vehicle wraps can be effective enough to support your business, even as your sole outdoor advertising medium. They’re great for attracting attention, spreading brand awareness, and driving sales. Learn more about how and why a Charlotte car wrap is a great investment for you below.

Why Do Vehicle Wraps Work?

Vehicle wraps have several advantages that other signs can’t compete with. First, they are obviously very portable and can reach a huge, varied audience in a single day. That said, they also reach local people who can buy from your business, unlike untargeted Internet advertising.

Vehicle wraps are also something of a curiosity. People are bored when they’re driving, and a well-designed car wrap really stands out to them. Drivers aren’t forced to look at vehicle wraps, unlike television or radio adverts – so people also tend to approach car wraps with a sense of curiosity. That’s valuable in getting them to remember the ad.
Are There Types of Vehicle Wraps?

There are different types of vehicle wraps, ranging from simple graphics to full vehicle wraps. Which should you choose? Here are some things to consider.

  • Vehicle graphics: If you’re short on budget you can simply add the name and slogan of your business to your vehicles. These don’t make as much impact as graphics but do generate some interest.
  • Partial vehicle wraps: Partial vehicle wraps only cover some of your vehicle. They’re less expensive and can be shaped uniquely.
  • Full vehicle wraps: Full vehicle graphics cover the full vehicle.

How to Design a Vehicle Wrap?

A great vehicle wrap design is essential to get the most from your wrap. It needs to incorporate elements of your branding, of course, but there’s so much more that a wrap can be. You need to use negative space wisely, add texture, and use very high-quality graphics. It’s best to work with a professional sign designer on this one.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Vehicle Wraps

Work with the Charlotte vehicle wrap company that knows how to make your wrap reflect your brand and stand out on the road. If you are looking for Charlotte car wraps, reach out to QC Signs & Graphics today to receive a free estimate.