How to Budget Smartly for Trade Show Booths and Graphics

Small and medium-sized businesses may get a lot of mileage out of trade shows and similar events. Convert customers, build your brand message, and spark conversation with people in the industry. However, you may not have a lot of budget for a trade show booth display, especially not if you want to compete with the big names at the show. How can you budget for a custom trade show booth better?

Consider a Multi-Purpose Design

You may be able to justify the cost of a better booth if you can use it for all the events you intend to go to in the near, or even distant future in and around Charlotte, nationally, or internationally. To keep your design multi-purpose, be sure not to put any information on it that is specific to the event. Avoid the year, the date, a conference-specific hashtag, or other identifying information on your trade show booth. Just keep to your basic brand and contact information.

Ask for Cost-Saving Design Choices

There may be many ways you can still get a unique design that’s cost effective. Portable trade show booths may be made from a variety of materials and made to different sizes and shapes. Talk with your sign designer to explore your options to reduce the cost of your booth.

Get a Durable Display

If you intend to use your portable trade show display at multiple events, you should make sure that it is durable enough to last. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your booth material, for short-term costs savings, or you may end up having to replace it early. This is especially a concern if you might have liquids on or near your display, as they can quickly stain the booth.

Get Accurate Estimates

Of course, you don’t want to end up paying more than you’ve budgeted for your trade show booth with hidden fees. Be sure that you receive an estimate from all of the companies you are considering for your sign. Ask each if there’s anything they aren’t including. Makes sure that the basics, like local taxes, are included in the final price.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Next Trade Show Display

Making the most of a limited budget doesn’t have to be hard. QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte can help you design an attractive custom trade show booth that fits within your budget. Talk to us to get started today.