How to Choose the Right Trade Show Display

Custom trade show displays ideas for event

The secret to standing out a trade show display is creativity. Sign companies know that, so they typically offer a huge range of trade show sign options, not to mention custom trade show displays. The choice can be kind of overwhelming. What is the best trade show booth display for you? There are three general things you need to consider: your audience, the shape and form of the display, and how portable you need it to be. Let’s go into detail on each.  

Think of Your Audience for Image & Text Ideas 

You may have a strong idea of what your trade show display should be about, but not much idea of how to express that in images and words. For example, is it best to have a picture of your product? An abstract design behind your company slogan?  

You should consider what your target audience will respond to best. Our sign experts can help you craft the perfect message that will get you the biggest response at the trade show.  

Consider How Form Effects Image  

Once you’ve selected your images and text, consider how the shape, size, and profile of your trade show booth display can add to the image. There are many more options than just a large rectangle behind your stand. Some shapes will allow you to take advantage of your specific spot at the show, as a corner booth. The more inventive the shape, the more your display will stand out from those it is next to.  

If you have a unique idea for your trade show booth shape, let us know at QC Signs & Graphics. We’re dedicated to making your unique vision a reality.  

Should It Be Portable?  

You can get any trade show design for the event, but some are easier to transport than others. Focus on portable trade show displays if you’ll be using it more than once or moving it frequently. Lighter, simpler trade show designs that are easier to arrange and take down will benefit you greatly, especially if you’ll be by yourself when you’re moving it.  

Work with QC Signs & Graphics to Design Your Best Trade Show Display  

QC Signs & Graphics can make your portable trade show display a marvel that speaks to your audience and spreads your message. If you’re ready to stand out at the trade show, reach out to us today.