Impress Your Customers with Eye-Catching Lobby Signs

custom lobby signs

If you could choose only one word to describe how your customers should feel when they walk in your door what would it be? Many business owners say “impressed.” To make the perfect first impression on your customer, you need to go above and beyond the ‘default’ entrance of your building. The visual impact you create must connect with your branding. A branded custom lobby sign is the perfect way to achieve this.

Of course, you might choose a word other than “impressed.” Maybe your customers need to be relaxed, welcomed, invigorated, or inspired when they walk through your door. Whatever impression you need to make, lobby signs are the most important tool you must use. Let us explain why.

A Lobby is More Than a Simple Entrance

Why invest in your lobby? It’s easy to see how you might think investing in another interior sign, such as a quality sign for a conference room, might make a bigger impact because it’s a more important room. When it comes to generating a positive brand image, the lobby is, typically, the most important place for a few reasons:

• A lobby is your first impression: New customers will build an impression of your business quickly. The longer you wait to impress them, the less powerful it will be. By focusing on the lobby, you make sure a customer starts off thinking of your brand in a positive light.
• Everyone sees your lobby: Everyone must pass through your lobby space every time they walk in to interact with your business. If your lobby sign makes a strong brand impression, you’re strengthening your customer’s association with your brand each time they step through the door. Whereas, if you focused on branding some internal space, your customer may never even see it. Remember, repetition is powerful.
• People may spend the most time in your lobby: For many businesses, the lobby is where customers wait. Sometimes, as in a doctor’s office, they may spend more time in the lobby than they do anywhere else in the building. In that case, it makes sense to invest the most in the lobby’s look and feel.
• People may pay in your lobby: In other businesses, like hair salons and vet’s offices, customers pay in the lobby. At that moment, customers are wondering whether their time with your business was worth the price. When they are in a pleasant environment and reminded of brand values, it will reinforce a feeling of money well spent.

Lobby Signs from QC Signs & Graphics

At QC Signs & Graphics we will work with you to create custom lobby signs that best reflects your brand and creates the impression you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.