When we think about signs that promote our business, our first thought is often about outdoor signs. They are crucial to getting the attention of your target customers and driving traffic to your business. However, outdoor signs aren’t the only ones that can effectively promote your brand in Mint Hill, NC.

Interior signs are equally crucial in any business’s marketing efforts. Exterior signs get customers through your doors. However, the signs inside your space determine if customers will stay.

High-Quality Indoor Signs for Business

Interior signs are any type of sign that adorns your indoor space. They perform a variety of functions that help create the overall customer experience. These signs are vital to:

· Welcoming customers to your business

· Reinforcing your brand

· Advertising your business, products, and services

· Wayfinding

· ADA Compliance

· Customer Safety

At QC Signs & Graphics, we create custom indoor signs that are more than just their functions. We can customize your signs to match your branding and aesthetic needs. This turns any ordinary signs into a branding asset for your business.

Let our team in Mint Hill, NC take care of your interior sign needs today! Contact us to learn more and get a free consultation.

Types of Custom Indoor Signage

QC Signs & Graphics offers a variety of interior sign options for your business needs. Whether you need signs for compliance, office organization, or for adding décor, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top indoor office signs you’ll need.

1. Lobby Signs

These signs are typically the first thing customers see when they enter. They help create a welcoming and professional environment. Typically, these signs display our business name and logo, identifying your business. Popular options for these signs include interior dimensional letters and acrylic signs.

2. Wayfinding Signs

These signs make it easier for customers to find their way around your space. They provide directional cues and information to get customers from point A to point B.

3. ADA Signs

This type of indoor signage helps businesses comply with ADA regulations. They keep your business accessible to all types of customers.

4. Wall Murals and Graphics

These are vinyl adhesives that are custom-designed and applied to your wall surfaces. They can be used for branding, marketing, and decorating your space.

5. Door Signs

These are signs that label each door or area within your establishment. Through room numbers and name plates, they identify the rooms, offices, and occupants of the office or building.

6. Floor Graphics

Vinyl adhesives aren’t just for wall surfaces. They can also be used on floor areas to fulfill signage requirements. Floor graphics are great for navigation, branding, and even promoting your products.

Office reception desk signage

The Uses of Custom Interior Signs

Custom indoor signs can be beneficial for businesses in many ways such as helping visitors with the directions, cookies in product information, announcing upcoming events, display motivational quotes, and much more! In totality, they help businesses to make a positive impact on the customers by constantly reminding them of your brand and its products or services. 

In order to get the best of interior business signs, planning is vital. There must be a system of signage that is linked with each other and is designed with how a customer navigates a facility in mind.


Your Top Source for Indoor Sign Solutions

Looking for high-quality interior signage? Let QC Signs & Graphics take care of your interior sign needs today.

We design, produce, and install high-quality interior signs for businesses in Mint Hill, NC. Our signs are made with premium materials and advanced technology. This allows us to create signs that stay durable, benefiting your business for years.

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We offer many other types of permanent and temporary interior business signs in Mint Hill. If you are looking for stunning, high-quality interior signs that can elevate your brand’s perception in the eyes of customers, get in touch with us now!