Make Memorable First Impressions with Office Lobby Signs

INFO office lobby signage in Charlotte, NC

When you’re trying to get new customers and build a business with more brand loyalty, your first impression really matters. The clearer and stronger an impression of your brand a customer has, the more they are likely to connect with you and keep doing business with you. Lobby signs are a great way to make those powerful first impressions that will make your Charlotte business more successful in the long run.

What Does Your Business Need to Say?

Your first impression should be as unique as your brand and smartly tied to your brand identity. It is no use getting a lobby sign that will make your space feel stuffy and traditional when your brand is about moving forward. It’s no use getting an exciting, energizing custom lobby sign when your brand needs to feel comforting and calm. At QC Signs & Graphics, we can help you craft the exact first impression you want with an assortment of lobby signs. Consider custom-designed:

Here are two real examples of how we can use custom signs to make your first impression:

Professional First Impression

Many offices seek to feel professional, stable, and confidential. We worked with a brand with this kind of impression when we did signs for Dentistry at University. We used a combination of a reception desk sign and a door sign in their lobby to create a stronger, more professional impression. We mounted one sign under the desk, popping it out to make it catch more attention.

Playful First Impression

Not everyone wants to appear professional. We did a suite of lobby signs for a playful, kid-friendly business that wanted to make an impression with bright, colorful signs. We created several wall murals that would be impossible for guests to ignore, creating an environment of fun that made a lasting first impression.

Create the Right Lobby Sign with QC Signs & Graphics

What impression is right for your business? The skilled designers at QC Signs & Graphics can make a custom lobby sign or two that can perfectly encapsulate your brand. If you’re in Charlotte or the surrounding area, reach out to get started.