Custom Metal Signs

Custom cut metal signs can elevate your sign strategy. Metal is a unique material that brings a lot of texture and quality to many different kinds of signs. Will a metal sign work for your brand and help you achieve your goals?

We’re a metal sign manufacturer in Charlotte, NC, who’s ready to answer your questions. Reach out to us or read on to learn more about metal signs. 

What are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are a type of commercial sign that is made partially or completely out of metal. While some metal signs are obviously metal, others look more like paper or plastic. For example, aluminum signs are post and panel signs that you most commonly see used for elections. Aluminum metal signs are more affordable and still durable and customizable, which may be better for your business in Charlotte, NC.

We can also make you a sign with other metal types, including steel, copper, and bronze. Those metals can be finished in different colors and textures to make unique effects. 


Types of Metal Signs

There are many different types of metal business signs beyond just the type of metal used. Many indoor and outdoor signs can be made of metal. For example, you can get metal letters that look like channel letter signs. Monument signs and address signs can also be particularly striking when made of metal.

There are also many options for metal signs indoors. Lobby signs and wayfinding signs are great options. Your customer will be up close to the sign, so they’ll be able to tell that it is metal and has that unique and eye-catching texture. You might also consider metal for your door signs and hanging signs, where they can really elevate the look of a building.

Uses of Metal Signs

Custom metal signs can be used for a huge range of purposes in Charlotte. Aluminum signs are best for temporary use outdoors, promoting an event or a sale. Indoor metal signs are better for long-term purposes, such as labeling spaces, promoting your brand, and adding character to your space.

Looking to make a bigger impact with your sign? Consider large metal letters that can be used indoors and outdoors for brand awareness. Would your brand name look great in a sturdy metal sign?

Are You Looking for Metal Signs Near You?

If you have other questions about your sign options, like design possibilities, the cost of metal signs, or how fast we can get a personalized metal signage ready for you in Charlotte, then reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum is one of the most common metals that signs are made out of because they are corrosion-resistant and offer maintenance-free performance. Note that though the front fascia of the sign may be metal, other surfaces may be made of other materials to reduce the weight of the sign and allow for light to pass through.

We use either ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) or Aluminum. We can also use laminated metal and various finishes—from rusted corrosion to brushed gold—on Aluminum or ACM, creating any look the customer might desire. Generally speaking, ACM is less expensive than Aluminum, is good for interior and exterior signs, and is lighter than metal. It can be routed to shape, it is waterproof, and we can either lay vinyl on it, or we can direct print ACM.

The first step in any sign is the design—once the design is finalized, we prepare a digital template of the sign. Our team cuts metal sheets to the desired shape and size, applies finishes and paints, and constructs the sign housing. We install LED lighting inside the sign (as required), and apply sealants on joints to minimize the chances of water damage.

Most street signs are made of steel or aluminum. Both materials offer excellent performance under wide temperature ranges,  rainfall, and snow loads. If you are looking for an outdoor sign or a street sign for your property, aluminum, and steel are great options because of their price, weight, and appearance.

Small metal signs use 14g metal sheets while larger signs may use 16g. To find out what gauge of metal you need for your sign, talk to our team. We choose the most appropriate gauge to balance durability and cost.

In general, small signs need a thinner gauge and larger signs need a thicker gauge to support the additional weight and wind impact.

Metal signs can be anywhere from 1/8″ to 3/16″, depending on where they will be installed and how large they will be. Typically, outdoor signs are thicker because of the harsher environment they have to endure. It may seem tempting to go for the thickest metal sheet, but that will just increase the cost and weight of the sign without adding any value.

Metal signs come with a variety of fence mounting options—screw-in, metal ties, and welding. By far the most popular option is the screw-in type mount. In this, the sign is positioned on one side of the fence, the mounting bracket on the other side, and they are screwed together. Metal ties (or even cable ties) can be used, too, but they may not provide as strong a mount as a screw-in mount.

That depends on where you are planning on hanging an aluminum sign. If it’s on a metal fence, then you can use metal ties to hang the sign (though a mounting bracket will be stronger); if you are planning on hanging it from the ceiling, we use special ceiling mounts that are installed in the joists. Again, it all depends on the size of your sign, where you want to install it, and the effect you want.

No, aluminum signs don’t rust. That’s one of the biggest advantages of aluminum signs—they offer years of hassle-free performance regardless of weather conditions. Aluminum is also a relatively less expensive metal, it’s easy to customize, and lightweight, making it a great material for metal signs.

The price of the sign really depends on the materials used, its size, lighting options, mounting, and more. Talk to our team about the types of metal signs you are looking for to get an accurate estimate.

For any signage requirements in Charlotte, NC, we would be happy to become your local partner. Contact us today to receive a free quote!