Sidewalk Business Signs: Place Your Message at A Customer’s Line of Sight

Sometimes, in a business’s effort to make signs that will appeal to people in cars or far away, they neglect the customers right in front of them. Big fascia signs, banners hung high, and many other typical signs can’t be seen by people who are walking directly in front of your storefront. Plus, those are the people who are most likely to visit your store. So, how do you get their attention? Sidewalk business signs. Here’s what you need to know about this unique and often underused sign type.

What are Sidewalk Signs?

Sidewalk signs are comparatively small signs that you place on or near the sidewalk in front of your business. They face customers as they walk past your storefront, so if you’re looking directly head at your store, you’ll see their side profile.

You can use a few different sign types as sidewalk signs, but the most popular are A-frame sidewalk signs or sandwich board signs. These signs support themselves on any flat surface, so you don’t need to attach them to anything or plant them in the ground. This is convenient for sidewalk signs because you may have nothing to attach the sign to, and they are typically on a hard surface that you can’t drive a stake into. You can also easily store them and take them down when you need to.

Who Can Benefit from Sidewalk Business Signs?

Essentially anyone with a storefront can make great use of sidewalk business signs. So long as you have people walking by you, these signs can help encourage them to pop-in. That said, there are a few circumstances and businesses that make the best use of A-frame sidewalk signs. That includes:

  • Restaurants: They’re not called sandwich boards for nothing. Sidewalk signs helps you showcase your menu so that you can appetize people and get them to come in.
  • Busy plazas: If you’re in a busy plaza, people are walking by all the time. Drive some of that traffic your way with a sign on the sidewalk.
  • Downtown locations: Downtown areas attract tourists and locals, both of whom will walk by on their way to other stores. Sidewalk signs will let them know that your business is an option too.

Design Considerations for Sidewalk Signs

What kind of design will best appeal to your customers? That’s the design that you should put on your sidewalk sign. Don’t be afraid to be playful with the sign. Sidewalk signs are meant to attract attention to people right up close, so putting jokes and interesting characters can work for them, even though those options may not work for larger signs.

Ready to Get More Foot Traffic?

A sandwich board sign from QC Signs & Graphics will help your Charlotte location get more foot traffic and more attention from pedestrians. Contact our sign specialists now to get your stunning sidewalk signage.