Signage for Interior Designers

Custom interior signs are a necessity for almost any design project. The freedom and ability to create nearly any design is a tool that interior designers can take advantage of to enhance spaces and bring life to previously boring spaces. For interior design industry signs in Charlotte, NC, be sure to connect with QC Signs & Graphics.

Types of Signage

Interior Designers can utilize many different types of signage to complete their projects. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Wall Murals: These are wonderful for creating accent walls. You can dress up spaces by incorporating a mural and building the other features of the room out around it. This helps create cohesion throughout the project. With wall murals, you can easily adapt a bland space into an interesting and exciting one by incorporating the latest design techniques like 3D wall murals.
  • Wall Decals: These are like murals in how they are attached to walls, but they differ in their specifics. Wall decals are graphics that are adhered to a wall in a certain section while wall murals usually cover the entirety of a wall. Wall decals can be used to showcase a quote or design instead of for complete coverage.
  • Floor Decals: Just like wall decals, only they are attached to the floor. Adding custom floor decals to a space is an often-underutilized practice that helps to make an engaging statement in the area or can guide visitors to certain locations or convey important information.
  • Ceiling Graphics: Another type of overlooked custom indoor sign, this is simply the inverse of a floor decal. Specially designed to adhere to a ceiling, the strategy of incorporating these into a project involves taking full use of the space and often is a statement piece.
  • Window Films: You can enhance the appearance of an assortment of windows or glass walls simply by adding these films. These are effective in adding eye-catching scenery to a window or improving the privacy of an area, like a conference room.
  • Vinyl Signs: This refers to a variety of indoor and outdoor signage options. Vinyl is the product that is mostly used for wall and window murals and other applications like decals & banners and can be used in a variety of different interior design projects. Vinyl is sturdy, thin, and are very versatile.

All these sign types benefit from their customizability and the speed at which they can be produced! They can also be taken down and replaced to coincide with redesign and rebranding opportunities without causing damage to the underlying wall, paint, or glass. The vinyl material is also very durable and water-resistant so will resist wear and tear and continue looking great for years to come.

Interior Business Signs in Charlotte

Interior designers should be very specific in choosing which sign company to partner with for their projects. QC Signs & Graphics is experienced at creating signs for interior designers and we can provide high-quality, custom interior signage for any project you have on the go. To get started on your interior design project quote in Charlotte, reach out to QC Signs & Graphics today!



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For any signage requirements in Charlotte, NC, we would be happy to become your local partner. Contact us today to receive a free quote!