Simple Ways to Design Your Office

Office wall graphics by QC Signs Charlotte

office space looks and feels great for all who walk in.

Before you start planning an out-of-budget office renovation, the office could be the cost-effective thing you need to make your office an accurate representation of your brand.

Using graphic designs in an office setting is excellent for visually displaying your company and what it’s all about. Branding takes place in the office; visual language is perfect for showcasing your brand. You want an office space that displays your company’s culture. Design the interior of your office with creative designs, inspirational signs, and slogans.

Essentials of Office Design

There are five main types of office designs:

  • Exterior
  • Reception signs
  • Directional
  • Safety
  • Environmental signs/graphics

Materials like decals, dimensional, dimensional signs, window film, banners, and wraps help create a professional look for the office that encompasses the company’s core values and brand.

Exterior signs are the first insight people have into your brand. All those who go by your office sign are reminded of your brand and service. A new storefront exterior sign can help your business stand out. Something as simple as having new office door signs is an excellent addition to your company. A great exterior office sign is vital to your brand’s loyalty, and having a well-thought-out and designed office exterior sign will boost the number of customers that go to your business.

When designing your office, be sure to include wayfinding directional office signs. Wayfinding directional office signage is excellent for directing people which way they should go. These signs are great for office lobbies and marking and displaying rooms, wings, and floors. When using these signs to keep the text at a minimum, it is essential to ensure your design is simple and not too distracting. Be sure to use familiar symbols when creating and designing your directional office signs.

When designing office signage for your business, don’t forget ADA signs. They can be well designed and still have easy-to-read information. You can develop custom ADA signs in various ways, using high-quality material. Having these signs lets people know that your business does not discriminate against people with disabilities.  

Popular Signage Options

Arrows are a great example of wayfinding directional signs. When using them, be sure to use them sparingly since they can sometimes be misleading. Make sure to include your company’s branding on the signs themselves.

Adding tiny office design graphics can make a huge difference in workplace morale. Not everyone has the budget for a massive office interior design project. However, adding small office designs is very cost-effective while not requiring you to invest in extensive office remodeling. Try using office lobby signs as a part of your office brand, these office designs can be as simple as architectural and glass finishes, creating immersive space for employees to engage with their work.

Murals are a great addition to an office setting. These office wall graphics are attention-grabbing while still promoting your brand and inspiring your team. Murals are a great addition to foyer entrances, hallways, conference rooms, and employee lounges. Office murals are a great way to tell your company’s story.

New World, New Workplace

As we adjust to new workplace models, your office must reflect that. Try to make your office space as COVID-friendly as possible by creating space to ensure desks are 6-feet apart. There should be signage and window graphics to remind employees and visitors of COVID protocols and practice social distancing. Signs such as floor signs are great for displaying standing zones. Indoor signage on walls, cubicles, windows, and doors is a great way to remind everyone of COVID policies.

QC Signs & Graphics is Charlotte’s corporate office designer. We offer all your office design needs to ensure that you have an office space reflective of your company and brand. We are Charlotte’s go-to for all things office designs and graphics. If you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, we create signs for custom office design so that your office space is an exact reflection of your company. Contact one of our corporate office designers in Charlotte for a quote.