Storefront Window Graphics: Your Facility Will Never Be Ignored

Storefront window signs and graphics in Charlotte, NC

Any type of business with a storefront can use vinyl window graphics to make the most of this space. As you’re heading into businesses in Charlotte, NC, compare those that use storefront window graphics and those that don’t. Window graphics help businesses make a bigger impression on you as you walk in. They may communicate hours, services, products, and other useful information. They also create an ambiance for space. You can get your own storefront window graphics so that your business is never ignored again.

What Window Graphic Design Works for You?

There are different window graphic types and different designs that you can achieve with each. The secret to getting more attention to your business is spending time choosing the right graphics and design for you. For starters, here are the types of storefront window graphics you can choose from:

  • These vinyl sheets are full of color, can be made in unique shapes, and can have essentially any design you like.
  • These graphics add a frosted effect to your windows instead of adding graphics. However, they can be combined with window clings if you want both effects.
  • These are one-way graphics that can be seen from the outside but don’t obscure your view out when you’re inside the building.

What kind of type and design of vinyl graphic is best for you? That’s a good question to ask a designer. At QC Signs & Graphics our designers can bring you creative and exciting designs.

What Information Should Your Graphics Communicate?

Before you start the design process, you should consider what kind of information your storefront window graphics should convey. Too much information can be overwhelming for the viewer, but too little information is a missed opportunity. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your branding: Your window should have some branding, but which elements, and how large should they be?
  • Your hours: It’s useful to place your hours on the window, so customers who arrive when you are closed know when to come back.
  • Service information: There’s likely some useful information about your products or services that your customers could use right up-front.

Get a Great Window Graphic Design from QC Signs & Graphics

Make the most of your empty window space today. If you’re in Charlotte, NC, reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics today to get started on your window vinyl.