How Creative Car Wraps Can Bring More Attention to Your Business

Charlotte car wraps

Have you seen some of our fantastic car wraps driving around in Charlotte? Then you already know that a well-designed vehicle wrap can bring your business more attention. In fact, full car wraps make hundreds or thousands of impressions per day (it depends on where you’re driving) for a very low cost. So long as you have a creative, eye-catching design, a car wrap is a huge asset to your business. Here is how they get your brand more attention.

1. People Like Local

These days, people are inundated with advertising from brands that could be across the country or the globe. Increasingly, consumers want to support local brands. They may even investigate where a brand is from before making a purchase. A full car vinyl wrap communicates to onlookers that you’re a local business, with a real presence in the community. Afterall, that’s why you’re driving around. Those who want to shop local don’t need to guess that you’re the community option.

2. Loud Branding Works

Wraps, especially full car wraps that cover the whole vehicle, have a reputation for being loud and bold. As long as the design isn’t cluttered, these bold designs are a good thing that can bring a ton of attention to the wrap’s message. Intense colors, big images, and other bold design elements will help you brand stand out.

Sophisticated brands can also achieve a subtle full car vinyl wrap that is still successful. Although, you may consider a partial vehicle wrap as a good middle-ground.

3. Car Wraps Work Even in Parking Lots

Some businesses are reluctant to invest in full car wraps because the owners, staff, or whoever is driving the car only drives between work and your brick-and-mortar location. However, these full car wraps get a lot more traction than you might imagine. First, you’re typically driving during rush hour, which is when vehicle wraps make the biggest impact. You’ll still get plenty of impressions. Second, vehicle wraps still work when they are parked outside of your location. Wraps reinforce your other signage, making an even stronger impression where it counts—at the entrance to your storefront or office.

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Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Wraps in Healthy Condition

Many of our customers ask what their full car wrap cost will be. They ask us to estimate the life of vehicle wraps and the cost of maintaining it so that they can calculate the total return on investment for it. We can give you an estimate, and you’ll be relieved to hear that keeping a full vehicle wrap in good condition isn’t costly at all. With a little bit of care, your car wrap will last many years. Here are a few maintenance tips:

1. Hand Wash with Care

It is best to hand wash any vehicle with a wrap, whether full or partial. Start with a bucket of warm water and put in some soap. Don’t use soap directly on the wrap, instead develop its suds in the bucket. Use a very soft sponge or scrubber and don’t apply more force than necessary when using it. Then rinse the full car vinyl wrap with water from your hose, not a pressure washer.

2. Use the Right Soap

Buy vehicle soaps that are specifically designed to be used with vinyl car wraps. Buying the right soap may add a bit to your full car wrap cost, but it’s worth it. You’ll get the best cleanout of these soaps, while others might struggle to remove caked-on mud from the vinyl. If your car wrap is going to represent your brand, it should look its best. Besides, the right soap will work faster and won’t leave behind a residue that slowly degrades the wrap.

3. Don’t Use These Tools on Your Full Vehicle Wrap

While vinyl car wraps stand up to rain, wind, and sunshine well, they don’t do as well with these tools:

  • Electric buff: Some vehicle wraps can be waxed to give them a shine. However, you should not use an electric buff to apply the wax. These generate too much friction and heat and can harm the wrap.
  • Pressure washer: Pressure washers of even moderate strength can rip the vinyl off your car. Besides, a pressure washer will not give you a better clean than hand-washing your vehicle wrap.
  • Ice scraper: If you get a bit of frost on your car, don’t pull out your ice scraper. You can easily leave scratches in the vinyl. 
  • Hard brushes: When you’re cleaning the full vehicle wrap do not use hard or stiff-bristle brushes as they can also make scratches in the vinyl.

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