Why Lighted Business Signs Are Good for Business

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Every sign that you have should benefit your business, ideally in several ways. Each type of sign will give you slightly different benefits, so which should you choose? You should strongly consider lighted business signs, whether indoor or outdoor because have huge advantages over their non-lighted counterparts. Increased visibility is only the beginning of how lighted business signs are god for business. Here are a few benefits you should consider.

Surprise Your Customers 

Yes, most people expect to see outdoor LED signs on the outside of your business. However, other lighted business signs are more unexpected and surprise your customer, in a positive way. Lobby signs are an excellent example of this. A lighted lobby sign tells a customer your brand is successful. It also makes a stronger branding expression.

Other unusual lighted signs include:

  • Lighted window signs for your storefront or interior
  • Lighted bathroom signs
  • Lighted wayfinding signs

Essentially any sign can be improved with light. If you have an unusual idea for a lighted sign, reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics. We’re always excited to take on unique projects.

Get Attention 24/7

The reason that most businesses invest in outdoor lighted business signs is that they work all the time. You want people to be able to find your building when the sun goes down. Even if you’re not open, a lighted sign will keep advertising your business at night, creating impressions and reminding customers to visit when you are open.

Send A More Complex Message

Just like color and shape, the kind of light you have on your outdoor lighted business sign says something about your business. There are various options for lighting your sign, including internal lighting in channel letter signs, and backlighting that seems to make the sign glow.

Invest in Safety

Some interior business signs should be lighted to create a safer or more functional atmosphere on your property. For example, emergency exit signs should be lit so that people can more easily see them in an emergency. Important signs, like signs telling people you’re currently on the air, are best lit with LEDs to catch attention.

Get the Benefits of Lighted Sign for Your Business

QC Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture and install the perfect outdoor LED sign for your business, or interior lighted signs that are sure to catch your customer’s attention. Get started with a sign consultation today.

Want Your Brand to Shine in the Dark? Get Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs in Charlotte NC

Everyone wants their branding and their exterior business signage to stand out. However, not everyone considers how their sign will look in the dark. It is essential that you do this, especially if your business is open late at night. Drawing in customers is much easier when you have a stronger storefront presence.

What if you’re not open at night? Custom LED signs can still benefit your business with strong advertising, and by making your brand impression more powerful. According to a study from the University of Cincinnati, 60% of businesses find that making their sign more visible or changing its design had a direct positive impact on sales and profit. In fact, the average boost was 10%.

Let’s discuss if you can benefit from a better outdoor LED sign.

A Custom LED Sign can Help Draw in Business

If you’re still open as the sun is about to set, can potential customers still find your location? For businesses that rely on nighttime traffic, instead of just being ‘Open’, an outdoor LED sign is essential equipment. It will proclaim loudly, ‘we are still open for business.’ This is especially important when you first open your location and are trying to establish a presence.

Businesses that rely on outdoor LED signs include:

Even if your business is not open at night, lighted signs still help advertise your brand. Ask yourself, when you’re driving at night, do you see anything other than the lights. It’s much more challenging to see an unlighted business sign at night, even when you know it’s there. So, to keep your business competitive, you need a sign that can work for you 24 hours a day. It’s already on your building, so why not make the most of it?

Would A Lighted Sign Help Your Brand Image?

Beyond driving traffic and advertising your business, custom LED signs are the right choice for some businesses that choose to be associated with light. Utility companies are a prime example. A bright fascia sign reminds customers of the company’s role in keeping their lights on.

Other types of companies can benefit from an association with light. Innovative tech companies, creative agencies, and even stores that sell lights can make more powerful brand impressions with lighted signs.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Outdoor LED Signs Just having a lighted sign isn’t enough. Work with QC Signs & Graphics to get a custom sign that truly stands out from the crowd. Reach out to us today.