The Role of Signage & Graphics in Rebranding

Storefront lighted business signs for ED’s in Charlotte, NC

Your brand is what distinguishes you from the competition. A rebrand allows you to start fresh. If you plan on starting your corporate rebranding or on the final steps to completing your rebrand, look into getting rebranding signage. When customers, visitors, and staff walk into your business, you want them to feel like they are visiting somewhere new. When starting your company’s rebrand, you must have interior, outdoor, and office signs.

Signs play a huge role in corporate rebranding. Depending on your industry, you will want a new corporate business sign. When rebranding, you want your signs and graphics to connect to your new and unique brand identity and create a cohesive corporate environment. You will need various interior and exterior signs to attract business, guide customers, and, most importantly, stand out from the crowd. Signage plays a massive role in brand awareness, boosting your sales, and creating a welcoming office environment.

Make Your Space Memorable with Interior Signs

Interior signs are vital in guiding customers and guests around your business. These signs tell people what kind of brand you are and where to find your products. You want your custom signs to be welcoming for your customers and visitors. Your rebranded interior sign will help you meet your business goals. Interior signs are helpful and essential for your business to meet ADA safety standards.

An example of interior signs would be bathroom and exit signs. You want an eye-catching interior office sign. When designing and planning your rebrand, you want to make sure your interior signs match your business goals. You want your custom office lobby sign to be the first symbol of your rebrand. When rebranding your office lobby, remember that the lobby’s goal is to tell customers and visitors where they are and tell them what and who you are as a brand.

Stand Out on the Outside

Outdoor signs are vital for customers’ overall perception of your brand. Outdoor business signage is essential for brand loyalty. When rebranding, you want to make sure that you build a brand image. Whenever people drive past your business, they will take note of your brand and, with the correct sign, will come and check it out. A great outdoor sign is memorable. Make sure that your outdoor signage is visually creative and bold to communicate your new rebranded business. There are various outdoor business signs to choose from, such as channel letter sign or an awning sign. If you really want your sign to stand out, try investing in lighted LEDs or neon signs.

If you’re considering doing a rebrand, look into getting custom signs for your business. If you want to learn more in Charlotte, North Carolina, contact QC Signs & Graphics to learn more.

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