Vehicle Trailer Wraps

Do you have trailers that haul products, livestock or are used for foodservice purposes? Let your trailers do more for your business in Charlotte! Turn it into a moving billboard through trailer wraps today.

QC Signs & Graphics are experts in all types of vehicle wraps. We offer trailer graphics and wraps services that are sure to impress your target audience. Talk to us today to learn more. 

What is a Trailer Wrap?

Trailer wraps are large vinyl adhesives that are applied to your vehicle’s surface to send a message across. These wraps can be done for long-haul trailers, food trucks, and other commercial trailers and vehicles.

Custom trailer wraps provide your business with a unique branding opportunity. Adding wraps and graphics lets you advertise your business each time your vehicle travels. This enables you to bring your brand whenever you’re out doing deliveries or transporting goods or livestock in Charlotte. 

Types of Trailer Wraps

Vehicle graphics do a good job of promoting your business name, logo, and other important details. Trailers, however, provide you with a lot more advertising space. This gives you endless design opportunities to showcase your brand. This makes the cost of trailer wraps worthwhile.

Here are three basic types of vinyl trailer wraps:

  1. Full Trailer Wraps:

A full wrap transforms your vehicle entirely. This covers the entire surface of your trailer with your desired design. This option gives you maximum visibility on the road.

  1. Partial Trailer Wraps:

Partial wraps cover specific parts of your trailer. You can choose to put vinyl wraps on the sides, back, or top of your trailer, depending on your business needs.

  1. Trailer Lettering and Graphics:

When you don’t want to commit to a full or partial wrap, go for vinyl graphics and lettering. The graphics of trailers provide an excellent focal point to your message. This is used to add your business name and logo to your vehicles. 

Uses of Trailer Wraps

Businesses use trailers for different purposes in Charlotte. Adding trailer decals and wraps is a great way to let an already existing resource work more for your business. You can use trailer wraps for:

  1. Improving brand recognition:

Businesses that need to boost their brand can invest in wraps for trailers. It is the perfect opportunity to add branding details to your vehicle.

  1. Expand your market reach:

Compared to static billboards, business trailer wraps go wherever your vehicle travels. This means you are able to reach people who may not frequent your business location.

  1. Mobile advertising:

Boosting your brand is not just what commercial trailer wraps are for. The wide space of your trailer is ideal for displaying product or service details.

Each time you drive around charlotte is a chance for you to gain the interest of your target customers. 

Eye-Catching Trailer Wraps “Near Me”

Trailer wrap advertising is a unique and effective marketing tool for your business. Get high-quality vinyl wraps today! QC Signs & Graphics is a full-service trailer wrap expert in Charlotte. We offer a wide range of design and material options for your business needs. 



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Whether you need a single trailer vinyl wrap or wraps for your entire fleet, we can help! Contact us today for a FREE consultation and get a complimentary quote.