Truck Wraps: Moving Billboards that Catch Attention

Commercial truck wrapsIn Charlotte, NC

Billboards are smart advertising. They allow you to have bold designs, and when positioned nearby traffic, they can get you a ton of impressions, especially because people tend to be bored when they are driving or when they’re a passenger. Billboards are limited because they are stuck in one place.

That’s why commercial truck wraps are a more versatile and powerful form of advertising. They have all the benefits of billboards, but you can bring them everywhere. With a truck vinyl wrap, you can advertise anywhere in Charlotte, or anywhere else you drive.

As truck vinyl wraps move, designing them is a little different than designing a billboard. You can use movement to your advantage when you design your vehicle wrap. Here are a few design tricks to get you started.

Arrows and Other Movement

Including a graphic that hints at movement is a fun way to play with the vehicle wrap medium. If your brand happens to have an animal for a mascot or a logo, include it running on the wrap. A running rabbit, cheetah, or even a turtle is a playful way to catch attention.

Don’t have an animal logo? That’s fine, you can include an arrow instead. Or, suggest movement in a more abstract way, such as making the front half of your sign one color and the back half another. That way when the sign moves past someone, they see two flashes of colors, which gets their attention.

Talk to a sign expert to find more ways to use the movement of your commercial truck wrap to your advantage.

Simple Backgrounds & Text

In some ways, the fact that a commercial vehicle wrap moves also limits the design. As it is moving, you can’t make it too complex, because people don’t have time to read a lot or to absorb a lot of visual detail. So, you should avoid cluttering your design with too many textures, too intricate images, or too many elements. Whatever images and textures you do choose, you should make large, so that they are easy to see. The same goes for text. Use only clear, large text.

Get Your Next Truck Wrap from QC Signs & Graphics

QC Signs & Graphics has experience making eye-catching truck vinyl wraps that are playful, professional, or both. Our one-of-a-kind designs will wow your customers in Charlotte. Talk to us to get started.

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