Turn Your Walls into Interactive Message Centers with Wall Murals

Wall Murals & Graphics

Mural wallpaper is one of the least known sign options, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Your walls are valuable space, and chances are, they are currently empty. You’re missing the opportunity to advertise to, engage with, and connect with your customers. Wall murals can make your business in Charlotte, NC, more engaging. Here’s how. 

How to Make Murals More Interactive

The best signs are those that the audience can engage in. Interactive signs draw people in and make them think about your business or give them the experience that you want them to have with your business. Here are a few ways to make your walls more engaging:

  • Play: Making your wall murals into a game can make your space more pleasant, especially if it is a waiting room.
  • Communicate: Incorporate chalkboards, whiteboards, or technological solutions to allow your customers to leave you messages, or to leave them some.
  • Reveal products: Your customers are interested in your products or services, so why not educate them about their options?
  • News: If your business has some big news to share, an award you’ve won, or a new partnership you’ve made, you can announce it with your wall mural. 
  • 3D wall murals: Sometimes getting engagement is all about impact. 3D wall murals can make a bigger impact, with stunning visuals that seem to leap off the wall.

Who Can Use Wall Murals?

Wall murals can benefit most businesses, but these can get the most out of them:

  • Retail spaces: Advertise products with your mural.
  • Hotels: Create just the right environment for your halls, pool, or other spaces.
  • Restaurants: Need an ambiance boost? A quality sign can do the trick.
  • Office spaces: Offices tend to be boring. Add personality, color, and some marketing to your walls.
  • Storefronts: Wall murals can be placed behind your windows for maximum impact.
  • Schools: Creating an environment of fun and exploration is simple with wall graphics.
  • Marketing firms:  Show off your creativity with a wall mural.

Reach Out to QC Signs & Graphics in Charlotte, NC

Could your business use mural wallpaper? Our designers can create a look that will meet your business goals, add to your atmosphere, and reflect your brand. If you’re in Charlotte, NC and you’re curious about how a 3D wall mural could work for you, reach out to us today to discuss your options.