Want More Foot Traffic? Invest in Attractive Sidewalk Business Signs

The Creperie Storefront Signs in Charlotte, NC

When people are walking by, past your Charlotte business, they aren’t always facing your building. Which means that they typically miss your signs, including the signs mounted on the front of your building and your window signs. For most businesses, capturing the attention of the people walking by is essential. So, how do you do that? Use a sidewalk business sign. These signs face passersby, to remind them to head into your store. Here are some other benefits of these great signs.

Freestanding Signs

A-frame sidewalk signs don’t need to be mounted to anything. You don’t need a pole, wall, or any support system for them. Instead, they open up and support themselves. Because of this, you can then move the sign to wherever it will be well received, and you don’t need to worry about installation (as you do with other signs).

Signs that are Easy to Move

If you’re going to be putting a sign that supports itself out in front of your store, it needs to be easy to move. That’s why we make lightweight, reasonably sized A-frame sidewalk signs, that your staff won’t be upset to move outside and back inside at the end of the day.

Durable Signs

Sidewalk signs are more exposed to the elements more than many other signs. They’ll be outside in the rain, snow, and sun, so they need to be able to stand up to these slowly destructive forces. We carry both plastic and metal sidewalk signs, which can resist fading, rusting, and warping. 

Flexible Signs

We can include any design that you can dream up on your new sign. If you’re not sure what you want, we can create a design will best capture your branding and encourage people to stop into your store. If you need even more flexibility, consider a changeable letter board. These are A-frame signs that you can customize to send a different message whenever you want. They’re like portable monument signs.

Get Your Sidewalk Signs from QC Signs & Graphics

QC Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of sidewalk signs that can help you boost your foot traffic. Our expert designers will help you come up with the right look for your new sign too. If you’re in Charlotte or the surround area and are looking for an A-frame sign, contact us at QC Signs & Graphics.