Want Visitors to Navigate Through Your Facility with Ease?

Outdoor Directory Signage in Charlotte, NC

To you, your facility, business or workplace is simple to navigate. You’re there day in and day out, so you know where everything is. But visitors may have a much more challenging time navigating without a building directory sign. Their frustration or delay in finding what they are looking for can impact your bottom line. So, it may be time to consider what kind of user experience your building and it’s interior signs offer.

Sure, we’re all used to thinking about user experience in terms of our company website. The same principles can apply to your building. Besides, how your customers interact with your facility does help them form an impression of your business. Does your company feel friendly, clear and open? Or does it feel closed off and confusing?

Building Directory Sign

One kind of business signage that can change your building user experience is a building directory sign. Large, clear custom directory signs in your lobby help visitors orient themselves immediately and know which direction they should be heading in.

When are Building Directory Signs Useful?

Custom directory signs benefit your business in multiple situations, at many kinds of facilities and offices. Here are just a few examples:

  • Guide customers: The most obvious way building directory signs are useful is when new customers walk through the door. Many people want to find the office, person, or unit they are looking for without asking for the receptionist’s help.
  • Boost tours: Do you hold tours at your facility for other people in your company or for members of the public? Building directories can help tour participants navigate. Signs can even give a sneak peak of what people will see on the tour—which can help generate interest for the tour.
  • Self-guided visitors: Facilities that are never open to the public typically still have visitors, including safety and health inspectors. Make it easier for them to find what they are looking for and they’ll have a more positive experience with your company.
  • Advertise services or businesses: If you own a commercial building, a custom directory sign can help each of your tenants advertise themselves to the building’s visitors. If your company owns the whole building, you can use the directory signs to advertise other services you offer.

Work with QC Signs & Graphics

Work with QC Signs & Graphics At QC Signs & Graphics we know what goes into a good custom directory sign. We can create an ADA compliant sign for you that expresses your brand principles and is clear and welcoming to your customers, guests, and staff members. Contact us today to get started and receive a free estimate.

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