Why Sidewalk Business Signs Are Effective Marketing Tools

As you’re walking the streets of Charlotte, you might come across sidewalk signs. Whether they are A-frame signs, post and panel signs, or other types of business sidewalk signs, they are very effective at grabbing your attention. You noticed them and that’s what the business owner wants. If you have a storefront, especially a restaurant, it is worth investing in your own sidewalk signs to reach your foot traffic goals. Here are several ways these signs can benefit you:

1. Sidewalk Signs Solve Restaurant Problems

As a restaurant, you have two connected problems. Eventually, people stop experimenting and trying to find a new restaurant. Secondly, they don’t enter a restaurant unless they are sure they will buy food there. Many potential customers never even see your appetizing menu because they never step in to consider it.

That’s where a restaurant sidewalk sign can help you. It allows your potential customers to discover your menu without stepping inside. If someone finds a favorite meal, they are much more likely to give your restaurant a shot. This means that if you offer different menus at different times of day, you will need multiple sidewalk business signs.

2. Sidewalk Signs Are Fun to Look At

Many restaurants and other business take full advantage of the sign by adding personality and flair to it. It’s not unusual for a sidewalk sandwich board sign to feature puns about the daily special or cartoon characters munching on the business’s best sellers.

As sidewalk signs have a reputation for being fun, people often stop to look at them just to see what is going on. This is a huge boost to the effectiveness of the sign and why even businesses outside of the food service industry can benefit from them too.

3. Sidewalk Signs Provide Long-Term Value

Proper restaurant sidewalk signs are made of weather-resistant materials, so that you can leave them out in bad weather. Plus, they are often adjustable, so you don’t need to buy a new sign when you change your menu. As a result, sidewalk sandwich board signs last a long time, so you get more value for the money you spend on them.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Sidewalk Business Signs

QC Signs & Graphics offers many sidewalk signs in Charlotte, including sidewalk sandwich board signs and more general restaurant sidewalk signs. Choose us and we’ll help you craft the perfect, appetizing sign to help get people in your door.