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After 20 years as a retail executive, Michael Leonard decided to open his own company. With his experience in product sourcing and developing, his expertise in creating a strong value proposition for his customers and his open and straight-forward approach to business, he knew Signs were a great fit. “In the past, I’ve developed anything from cookware to ergonomic office seating. Now, it’s time to put my talent to use by helping companies brand themselves with high quality signs.”

QC Signs & Graphics is not just another sign company in Charlotte, we are a full-service creative studio that aims to enhance the visual communication for all our clients by providing high-quality business signs. We are the experts in producing all types of interior business signs, exterior business signs, LED signs, vehicle wraps and graphics, tradeshow displays, banner printing, and all other permanent or temporary business signs that brands need to communicate effectively with their target audience.  

As one of the leading sign makers in Charlotte, we offer end to end solution to all our clients. Our sign making begins with a consultative approach where we prioritize our client’s problems and present solutions that fits their budget and help them achieve their business objectives. Once we have the solution approved by the client, our sign experts take care of the design, production, and installation of all the custom signs. We also take care of the maintenance services and make sure to deliver the best possible customer experience.  

Whatever it is that you are looking for, we offer a wide range of materials and designs to ensure you get exactly what you want for your Charlotte business. Everything we produce is made from premium materials to ensure our clients only get the best results. 


You can use interior signs to support many business goals. A stunning menu sign shows customers what they can order and creates just the right environment. A door sign tells your customer whose office is behind it. Plus, it might add privacy with a frosted glass effect. A lobby sign is similar, in that is tells customers where they are, but it needs to reflect your brand more closely and raise the image of your business in your customer’s eyes.

Other interior signs are simple essentials to meet ADA standards or safety standards. ADA Exit signs and custom bathroom signs are great examples. You need these signs to be a certain height and size, maybe even to have Braille, it depends on your business. At QC Signs & Graphics, we understand sign laws and can help you be sure you meet them.


There are many exterior sign options available to you, even signs that fulfill the same purpose. Let’s say you know you need a sign that brands the outside of your building. You need a fascia sign. So, do you choose a channel letter sign, an awning sign, or another type? Should it be lighted, and by LEDs or neon? How and where should it be mounted? What colors and font are best?

There are so many questions you need to answer when designing a sign, and QC Signs & Graphics can help you with all of them in Charlotte, NC. We pride ourselves on offering the right signs to our customers, based on their business, needs, and building.

How your business looks on the outside is key to your customer’s perception of your brand. That brand perception is what keeps them loyal to you. Exterior signage is therefore key to brand loyalty, and much more.



You may think that vehicle wraps work just because they tend to be loud, colorful, busy signs. But, that’s not so. Even sophisticated brands can get a vehicle wrap that reflects their high-end products or services, and that more muted wrap will still attract attention.

Why do vehicle wraps really work? They are rare curiosities that people enjoy looking at. Bored drivers passing by are naturally interested in the wrap. They wonder about the business a wrap advertises, and what it does. They know the business must be local, or they wouldn’t be driving by. People know a vehicle wrap is relevant to them and that piques their interest too.

Unlike in-your-face ads on the internet or in your mailbox, a vehicle wrap is more subtle. Sure, it could be plastered in bright colors, but you have a choice whether to look at it. More frequently than not, people choose to look at them.

Depending on which type of industry you are in, you may need corporate business signs to accommodate your overall marketing and business plan. While they have different forms and functions, they all need to tie back to your brand identity and create a cohesive corporate environment where you can do business.

The right signs can help you meet your business goals. The wrong signs might stand in your way. Trust QC Signs & Graphics to design, manufacture and install the right signs that will benefit your company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Corporations need a variety of interior and exterior signs to attract business, guide customers, and stand out from the crowd. At QC Signs & Graphics we offer a wide range of custom business signs that you’ll need.


We continue to celebrate our clients and their success. Thanks to friends and family for their business

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. We can either visit you at your location to review your signage needs or you can come in-person in our showroom in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte. At this point, we will review your needs and provide an estimate.  
  2. Once you choose QC Signs & Graphics a deposit is required to get the process started. 
  3. Our team will provide you proofs for approval and work with you to ensure you like it, before we manufacture it. 
  4. After we receive your approvals, we move into production and keep you updated as to expected completion. 
  5. Upon completion of your project, our team will either install, deliver, or let you know when you can pick-up your signage.  
  6. The final payment is due upon your satisfaction with your new signage.  

QC Signs & Graphics offers a full range of visual communications services such as vehicle and fleet wrapping, window vinyl and wall art, office branding, and graphic design. We offer surveying, permitting, and installation services. Additionally, we have a wide array of Promotional Products for your branding needs.

Because every project and every sign is different, we cannot give an estimated price without some detailed information. If you’d like an estimate, please email us and be as specific as possible in your description. Better yet, give us a call so we can advise you on your signing needs.

Like pricing, this depends on the type of sign, the size of the sign, and its requirements (design, permitting, etc.) Some signs can be produced in a day, while others take several weeks to be fabricated to your specifications.  

We are a licensed contractor in Mecklenburg County and can handle all your permitting needs. Did you know an electrical outdoor sign needs both a sign permit from a licensed contractor and an electrical permit from a registered electrician? We have the experience and resources to handle all your permitting needs. We are happy to manage the permitting process for you.

The easiest way is to give us a call (704-247-5533) or send us an email ([email protected]). If we are not available when you call, we’ll get back to you quickly. Depending on your needs we may be able to give you an estimate on the spot, or we may need a couple of days to put all the pieces together for your new signage.

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